Hi everyone, and welcome to 300 Days of England.

About the blog

This is not your typical lifestyle blog. Here you can find insights on society and modern culture, with a twist. So, if you are into critical thinking and quirkiness, this is definitely the place for you. Also, congratulations for finding this blog! Since SEO, sponsored posts, and Instagram click bait aren't a thing here. 

I like make-up but I promise you will not find any review, swatch, or morning routine here. I am not afraid to talk about my Gothic past, obsession with good grades, and complete ignorance of real adult life. 

What inspires my weekly articles are simple everyday things. It usually starts with something I've heard and triggered an unexpected journey of thoughts that supposedly not many people have thought before. Which prompts me to write it down, edit it, pick a pastel picture to go with the general theme, and hit the publish button. 

About the author

My name is Barbara and I am a 20-something year old philosophy graduate torn between black studded leather and pastel tutu skirts. Every year my one resolution is to learn to walk on high heels and I am still not able to do so without looking like a t-rex, but I am working on it!  

I decided to add 'cupcake' to my name because I remember the feeling my first cupcake gave me. Until 21 year old I had only seen them online and viewed them as the symbol of everything that existed outside my tiny village in the mountains. Also, they are aesthetically pleasing, and everyone knows I would pick aesthetics over morals any time. Glitter is good too.

How did it start

300 Days of England was born in 2012 when I left home to study abroad, obviously in England, for, you guessed!, almost a year. I may or may not have been, and still am, slightly obsessed with a certain Joseph Gordon-Levitt's movie and I needed an energy saving way to keep my family and friends updated. 

Between then and now I travelled around Europe a fair bit, and two years ago I landed in Australia with the intention to stay here as long as possible. During these years I have published motivational quotes, recipes, picture heavy posts, and tried to talk about style. None of that worked out but I don't regret a single post as it brought me here, talking to you right now.

Enjoy your read!