My reality TV addiction

Let me come clear: I did get hooked onto some reality trashy TV shows in the past, what’s peculiar, is the way I end up on the sofa screaming 'Oh-No-She-Didn’t! She's such a Davina!' at the TV.

reality tv show addiction

My latest obsession has been ‘Married at first sight’. I skipped last year’s season with flying colours, but this year it just happened to be on TV at the exact time that I was at the gym. Despite listening to my music while working out, I did catch a glimpse of the show on the TVs around the place. For the first few episodes I just watched it, not listened to it, which is fine when there are subtitles on the screen but, when you change machine, you're on your own! Granted, my made-up dialogues were fantastic and highly entertaining. However, I did have to make sure how they compared to reality. It's a matter of ethics.

I keep repeating myself this.

That’s when I started watching half an episode during my lunch break. I thought I could keep it up, for simple pop culture means. Soon enough, I found myself on the bus home watching the second half of my lunch episode. Then, curled on the sofa catching up with more episodes during the weekend. It literally took me less than a week to be up to date with the show.

I still called it a general knowledge effort.

To be honest, this is where the madness started! Going to the gym was not only physically straining, but I had to make sure my eyes weren’t meeting any screen where I would be at risk of spoilers. And this could be very hard if the 'Married at first sight' TV is in front of the treadmill where you'll be spending the next 30 minutes.

My friends almost threw me an intervention when people names entered my daily vocabulary to identify a specific attribute. Or when I would browse through magazines at the supermarket hungrier for gossip than I was for food.

When you are trying to maintain a sane public facade, with little to no luck, the steps of falling into a reality trap are many and shady. Much different than that time I went to England and saw a billboard for the Kardashians, which made me wonder: who are they? And that's how I binged on the whole series, spinoffs included, in the buffering privacy of my bedroom.

On a sidenote, I want everyone to know I had no idea who Honey BooBoo was until a German friend of mine, you know who you are, called it ‘the reality TV show with more chins than people’. Can you blame my streaming history? Who could resist such a fascinating depiction?

What worries me, other than the whole wasting my life and losing brain cells over trash tv, is that The Bachelor is about to start, and from the TV ads it looks like there will be drama. Duh.

And the worst thing is, it will be on TV at the exact time I'll go to the gym, and we all know what happened last time. I fear for my social life. If I start talking about ceremonies and bringing roses to people, please, physically restrain me and force me to watch black and white French movies with Polish subtitles as an alternative Ludovico Transformer Treatment.

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