The first taste of adulting

Remember those Valedictorian’s speeches about experiencing life, about it being the time to make mistakes and truly know oneself? Well, you have to know that your Graduation day is officially the end of that amazing journey of experiences and knowledge. Real life starts now. If you think I am being too harsh, it is because adulting is indeed a rollercoaster of emotions.

adulting first times

Some days you just want to hide under your blanket and pretend you're a mermaid because life is hard and tax paperwork is hard and cleaning is hard. Other days, instead, you will feel such a functional adulting, you will do the laundry on a sunny morning, then go to Ikea, and maybe plan a few meals too. One day you'll even buy your very first sofa!

That’s the good stuff.

That’s the sort of thing you share to your parents and they would treat your achievement just like your childhood drawings: “That’s terrific honey, good job”, and then close them in some forgotten drawer. I just realised you will have to read that with double and high pitched vowels: “Thaat’s terriifiic hooneey…”, otherwise it won’t sort the same effect. Written word problems.

The truth is people in general tend not to be too impressed if you deep cleaned your makeup brushes, or if you showed up to a celebratory party bringing flowers for the first time. Also, everyone is going through different things in their life, some are even procreating, and literally anything else pales when compared to producing a life. Good luck trying to make your bedroom deco on a budget seem interesting.

Shall we bring back the idea of adulting stickers to highlight everyday achievements? Just to feel like every one of us stands a chance?

I would totally have used an adulting sticker when I bought wine, the other day (probably months ago). It wasn’t my usual cheapo wine, but a bottle in the $10 to $20 bracket. I think I messaged all of my friends and I highly doubt any of them got the magnitude of the event.

If that’s not adulting, I don’t know what is!

Don’t say ‘having an offspring’. That’s unfair.

So, I went to the party with my ‘not the cheapest’ wine and guess what? The taste of adulting tasted better than the wine itself. I guess I lied every time I said I will get the cheapest as I can’t tell the difference, because I did tell the difference and my mouth wasn’t impressed with it. That wine didn’t taste as good as the feeling of picking up a bottle from the second shelf from the ground, it didn’t taste as good as taking it to the cashier, who couldn’t care less of what I was about to drink anyway, it didn’t taste as good as messaging my mother saying “Look at me! I am adulting! I bought wine for a fancy party and I totally splurged!” “Thaat’s teerriifiic hooneey, gooood joob!”

The moral of this short anecdote is that you don’t need the most expensive wine to feel like you are adulting, everything you do to conduct a decent life is adulting. Pick your own priorities, be it interior deco or wine to celebrate, feel excited for the vast set of new ‘first times’ ahead of you and your friends, and be in charge of your own adulting stickers to celebrate everyday things.

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