Purple people

Most people have a favourite colour, and said colour doesn’t end up influencing their life. I know I am stating the obvious here, but colours are a strange thing. If you like green you may not want to buy everything that comes in green, or if you wear black every single day it doesn't mean black is your favourite colour. Also, you might associate a colour to a person for no reason other than ‘the vibe’ and they might not even like it. But the story is completely different for purple people.

purple people

Before starting this article, I did a quick Google research to make sure I had all the right info on the topic and to assess the general blogosphere standpoint on purple people. I immediately came to the realisation that only new-age and spiritually awaken people talk about purple people (and Indigo Children), and we all know how much that section of the internet tickles my curiosity.

Flashback to me joining a cult because I was reading comments under a video and clicked on one too many links.

Luckily, it also means that this is my chance to start a discussion about a new concept outside the spiritual sphere: purple people, a critical social assessment. No joining fee.

Maybe if I say purple people enough times Google will push this article about purple people among the indigo children forums. Is that how the internet works?

So, purple people, who are they? They walk among us and are primarily defined by their love for the colour purple, hence the name. Their hair is or has been purple at some point in their life, nail polish is always purple, strong predominance of purple lipstick swatches on their arms after a trip to Sephora, their homes are filled with purple objects and their fashion motto is ‘Purple is the new black’ and 'Hold my beer, I can purple that'.

Pro tip: If you have to buy a present for a purple person, don’t worry about what you’re going to buy but make sure what you pick is purple.

I bet, after my description, you will nod and realise there is a purple person in your life. Leave me a comment down below and let me know if you know a purple person or if you are one yourself! Don't forget to subscribe to my, wait, is this where the cult thing starts? Nevermind.

Fun fact: if you remember, in the Tv show ‘Breaking Bad’, Marie was, in fact, a purple person! The screenwriters knew the deal and now you do, too.

Colours are a strange business. Everyone has a favourite colour but it isn’t always the same colour you’d see around them in clothing choice or objects. For example, I would go for a black option whenever given the chance, but I love pastel colours, yet I am fully aware neither is the colour most people associate with me.

Spoiler alert: it’s magenta.

None of these problems for purple people! They like purple, they wear purple, have purple accessories, their house palette is purple, they named their pet ‘Purple’, and there is no chance you could ever associate them to any other colour. They even have Pantone 2018 on their side.

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