What Young Adults really need

As soon as you’re past twenty-five years of age, your body starts to quickly change for the worst. Your metabolism decides to go on holiday for the rest of your life, your thighs get unnecessarily attached to everything greasy you ingest, and you start to feel ‘the draft’ on your neck.

Young Adults and drugs

After my twenty-fifth birthday I was forced, by my own body, to carefully choose my seat on the bus according to the air vents.

It’s not even funny!

A sore throat turns into runny nose, headache, cold, cough, and I am not prepared for any of it. My medicine stash has always and only included: painkiller, eye drops, band-aids. That’s it.

So, the other day, I went to the chemist’s to pick up a few extra items and I noticed how much space and marketing is dedicated to children medicines. Kids don’t need vitamins, give them an orange and put them to bed. She’ll be right mate.

(A/N: Not a parent.)

I am sure the pharmaceutical industry hasn’t realised there is a huge market potential that involves adulting people with some form of income and hypochondriasis caused by lack of control over their adulting bodies. If they re-packaged vitamins and labelled them ‘extra strong’, ‘Rapunzel’s hair’, ‘super sight’, ‘the whole shebang’, ‘invincible this winter’, or made an iridescent cough syrup and limited edition tablets, could you guess how much money they’d make?

Even better, imagine a section of the chemist's just for young adults, like at the book store, with realistic tags: hangover cure, sexy time, too much junk food, Spring alert, don’t get sick, it’s January and you need to work-out, now you got random pains, and so on. Think of what make-up industry has become after some brainstorming: package probiotics in rainbow jars and call them 'Unicorn inside and outside', take sore-throat spray and make it holo, designer multi-vitamins: glittery, pastel, metallic, black, or matte.

I haven’t forgotten about the holistic side of the industry. Natural remedies could totally come out with a blister filled with motivational notes, instead of pills, for people like me, who would buy allergy tablets in case nature attacks, and three kinds of painkiller just to be sure. These notes would be something like: 'you could do it one year ago, just suck it up!' 'you're only 25, what will you do when you're 50?' 'shut-up and do some earthing', 'you don't need vitamins, just get a grip on reality', ‘don’t panic, it’s called life’, etc...

While I wait for all this to happen, I am going to buy a bigger box for my newly purchased not-aesthetically pleasing vitamins, so they can join my wild and free Band-Aid gang.

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