What's my favourite bag and why

Recently, I was faced with a moral dilemma: what to do with my old work bag, now that I bought a new one? The obvious answer would be to donate it, the dilemma lays in the fact that my bag is one of a kind and I grew so attached to it, it almost feels like a part of my soul is in it. If we were in a certain saga, some would go as far as saying I created a Horcrux!

creating a horcrux in real life

Another week, another deep reflection on today's society with a nod to the magic world of Harry Potter. Remember when I successfully used Hogwarts houses as an ice breaker? Well, it's time for me to tackle the Dark Arts.

Let's talk about our Horcruxes.

You need to know that my work bag is a pink Birkin replica.

Like the one Logan gave to Rory, in Gilmore Girls, in case you were wondering.

I poked it and pinched it with a ton of spikes, rivets, and studs, so that it's a pink spikey very serious looking bag. It fully represents my spirit and attitude towards life. Just because it's pink it doesn't mean it's not professional, just because it's spikey doesn't mean it can't be girly, just because it's a mature looking handbag it doesn't mean it can't be fun.

Forever torn between desire to love, and to destroy. Such a Scorpio.

I remember when I ordered it online, I was a twenty year old girl from the mountains, dreaming of exotic street style, imaging the future, and hoping it would take me up and away. I was picturing me holding this bright pink bag while walking in a big city to my 9-5 job, having my sh*t together.

Half of what I imagined did, in fact, come true! I will let you guess which half.

I have been using that bag long enough for the bag to start showing clear signs of wear, so I ordered a similar one and another ton of studs and spikes. Reasonably, the boyfriend suggested taking the old bag to a thrift store, and giving it a second life.

I had a scary Bilbo Baggins moment there.

My precious?! Strolling around town without me? Absolutely not! This time it's not about my single-child syndrome, it's something much deeper. Every stud is a dream and a goal attached to the bag. Every spike is a proud piece of me reaching out in life, and stabbing people on crowded trams.

If I could ever create a Horcrux, that bag would be one.

Shout-out to my boy Tom. Whassup Big Rid! How did you do it? Asking for a friend.

What would be your Horcrux? Is there any material object that you poured part of your soul in and now transcends its original purpose and serves as a life-compass? Would you have more than one? Now I feel really invested in the topic.

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