Five things I am currently obsessed with

Choice, or an excessive amount of, seems to be a constant of our daily life, even the seemingly easy choice of what video to watch on Youtube. Recently, I've committed the deadly mistake to assume everyone would come across my same content on the video platform. I thought if a Youtuber was famous in their own field, and being said field the beauty one, everyone should know them. Let me tell you, if someone watches mostly techy/gaming videos, chances are they have no idea who this Jeffree person is, what's an Anastasia palette, and why everyone is here for the tea, or throwing shade.

five things I am currently obsessed with

If you ask an 'outsider' to watch a beauty video they will first wonder why is the quality so high, yet so filtered, when all you want to see is some closeup makeup; words like 'ahmagine' instead of 'imagine', and all the possible combinations of 'I am living/gagging/shook'; lastly, how come everyone is literally obsessed with products they got sent for free two seconds before.

I strongly believe people should be obsessed with things that permeate life, not that sit on your face.

  • Reductio ad Hitlerum
The attempt to make someone’s argument invalid on the basis that the same view was held by Adolf Hitler. Being Hitler one of the most universally despised figure in History, any connection to him, can rhetorically cause an argument to lose on moral ground. It is, after all, a flawless logical comparison: Hitler supported X, so X is evil. With this secret weapon in your arsenal you could win any argument, particularly considering that, according to Godwin’s Law, if an online discussion goes on long enough, someone will eventually compare someone, or something, to Hitler.

  • Anagni slap
On the 7th of September 1303, some say that King Phillip IV sent an embassy to the town of Anagni, near Rome, hometown of pope Boniface VIII. Others, instead, prefer to call them mercenaries, as they attacked the palace of the pope and kept him prisoner for days. Let’s remember that history is written by the winners. The literal slap happened when one of these royal advisors slapped Boniface with his gauntlet and marked the beginning of a long period of decline in which the whole papal court was transferred to Avignone, in the South of France.

  • Punctuation
It’s a word, used in psychiatry, to better examine interactions on issues involving differences and distress between people. Basically, when two people are fighting over something, there is a causal explanation for their level of affinity, and it is based on how their interactions are grouped in sequences. For example: A complains because B does that one annoying thing, but B does that thing because A always complains. In a healthy relation people tend to share responsibilities, whereas distressed people tend to blame the other, having them posing the first offence in a hypothetical sentence.

  • Theseus’s ship
In short, this is a paradox, or a fun mind-puzzle, to better understand the idea of identity, as in: something that is the same over time. Imagine Theseus had a ship, which is built using sails, ropes, and planks, and along his journey he has to replace damaged parts. Everyone would agree a few new planks wouldn’t make it a new ship. What if he replaced all the planks, all the sails, ropes, and planks? At what point does this ship become no longer the same one he had initially? What if someone took every part of the old ship and rebuilt it? Which one would now be Theseus’s ship? Spoiler alert: only true dogmatists believe in hardwired concepts such as ‘identity’.

  • Tsundoku
This japanese word indicates the act of buying books and not reading them, letting books pile up on shelves, floors, or nightstands. We all have our little hoarding tendencies, for some is make-up, for others is books. For me is both, but mostly books, because I strongly believe that money spent on education is always money well spent. Contrary to some poorly performing eyeshadow palette, a book, even when disliked, could become a positive thing by being donated, used for arts and crafts, as a decorative item, and so on.

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