Notes from December

The end of the year finally came. Although this 2017 was much better than the previous year, there's always that strange melancholic feeling of something coming to an end, like at the end of one of your parties when everyone leaves. That feeling.

On a positive note, I gave in to my creative spirit and, freely inspired by the beauties on Pinterest, I decided to create a wall gallery for a friend as a baby shower present, Little Mermaid themed. As a final touch I even glued pearls, gold painted seashells, and glittery messages in tiny bottles to the frames. The result was stunning! If I say so myself.

I am finding it very hard to focus on a book. I tried a few ones but left them when I realised, after a number of chapters, that I had no idea who even were the main characters. I am currently giving Graceling, by Kristin Cashore, a try, but I am open to suggestions! 

Going up:

  • GIVING PRESENTS. Last year my excitement for all presents, given or received, was at an all-time low. This year, things couldn't be more different! It's the fourth of Dec, as I am typing this, and my Secret Santa present is all done and wrapped, I know exactly what to get my mother (she will be reading this, so I won't say what it is), and my mystery beauty box for an Aussie-Italy swap is ready to go! 
  • STRONG FEMALE LEAD. I have recently re-watched 'The divine secrets of the Ya-Ya sisterhood', 'Mermaids', 'Fried Green Tomatoes', 'Penny Dreadful', and I am openly applauding all these female characters, not always perfect and not always right, but definitely strong!
  • TIME OFF. You might have noticed this post is not going up on the 31st, but as a replacement for my usual weekly post. Why? Because I took some time off and I am enjoying every minute of it! Also, I am back to work for two days so my time off was limited and precious.

Going down:

  • NOFAUX. Also #lashless. Because clearly the beauty world needs to hashtag what's perfectly normal, not what's constructed. #nontouring #nofaux #nobrushes #nofilter. How about we take a step back and stop making a huge deal out of our natural features?
  • WRONG PERSON. At a tram stop I saw a visibly pregnant woman wearing a striped dress and waiting to get on my tram, so I told myself to leave my seat to her once she got on. When I saw stripes coming my way, I immediately smiled and got up. Too bad it wasn't the pregnant woman, just another random girl. Now I feel bad thinking that I contributed to raise the level of body insecurity in the world.
  • STILL EATING. Last week, we went out for a pizza and I usually leave the crust for last so, once done with the good part of my pizza, I put down knife and fork and started picking at the crust left on my plate while talking and waiting for the boyfriend to finish his pizza. We were clearly still eating. But the waitress took away my plate and left me holding crust in my hands and still chewing!

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