Best Tweets of the year

Before we begin, you should know that my Twitter feed is quite random and inconsistent, as I pour all my creativity into this blog and only thoughts on-the-go are left for other platforms. Facebook gets random pictures of life Down-Under, Tumblr has my sense of humour covered, and so on, until Instagram, which gets absolutely nothing...  But the Twitter pearls you are about to read shine bright like my future. 

I will keep saying this until it magically becomes true.

best thoughts on twitter

As our belly mommies always say: no criticism, compliments only. 

I still stand by this life hack and I would strongly suggest you give it a try. It's an easy and efficient way to make a lazy Sunday seem productive while still wearing your pj.

Still expanding the theory behind the 'brush cleaning' concept, one month later.

Deep thoughts on public transport. This is a constant of my Twitter feed, as you'll soon realise. Also, 5.24 am? What was I even doing?

You knew my view on glitter, now get ready for my inner dialogue on the subject! Them hashtags though.

Seriously, action movies, sometimes, tend to be extenuating, and then I get confused and I can't remember who's against whom. A polite dialogue with some good old banter would be much appreciated.

I clearly had nothing better to do at 2.39 am than share an ironic(?) tweet about being online too much.

Let the record show that, in July, I predicted (apparently in French) the magenta trend. Just because you haven't seen it around doesn't mean it won't happen. Eventually.

This is me in a tweet.

I officially started a hashtag there. Unfortunately, only my closest friends are on board. This tweet got no attention whatsoever. Halp.

I analysed this situation thoroughly in a previous article (that you can find by clicking here).

It was probably cold and raining and I was tired. Definitely not because I realised how much make-up I already own.

It's that grossly satisfying feeling that sits just between greasy food porn and looking up your teenage crushes on Facebook to see if you dodged a bullet.

Every culture has that one song you've heard since you were a kid and it's considered a cultural staple. Living here I've learned that pop-culture gaps are very hard to fill. 

Certain people on public transport are just despicable. The interesting thing is that you don't realise what's happening around you until you lift your eyes from your phone, just to quickly go back to virtual reality to tweet about real reality.

Some people are so fascinating and mysterious, and they all seem to populate public transport in Melbourne.

My life, my sense of direction, my sense of humour. Classic Barbs.

September update, still no magenta. 

I renewed my passport and it took all my Charisma, Constitution, and Intelligence. On the same day I played the worst Dungeons and Dragons session as I clearly used up all my skills.

Wasn't the first time people thought I was Australian, as I look Mediterranean just like everyone else (who is not Asian). But this was the first time I actually knew the answer! It only took me two years and six months!

As an only child, I can confirm we tend to talk to ourselves and often even argue against our own thoughts. In this case, I was judging my inability to stay up-to-date with alternative fashion trends

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