Notes from November

November is the month where I usually realise another year went past and I did not manage to achieve any of the goals I set in January. Luckily for me, I haven't really written down any goal I meant to achieve in 2017, although I did think of a few. So, I let down only myself, but I can easily pretend everything is great. Fake it till you make it. 

november favourites

Summer is here! I am so happy long hot days and even hotter nights are finally here. I might actually be the only one enjoying this, everyone else seems to be afraid of melting! I don't understand when people say that winter is much better because if you are cold you can simply wear more clothes. No amount of layers work for me: I will freeze and show all symptoms of a six month long cold. Hence my excitement for finally feeling warmth on my skin. Warmth and a light sweat, and hopefully no sunburn.

Also, have you ever wondered how to tell homeless people and hipsters apart? Well, hot weather will give you the answer, you just need to trust your nose.

Still not complaining about summer! 

Going up:
  • WRECK THIS JOURNAL. I have seen it around for a long time and finally I have one, and since it was a present I feel morally bound to use it instead of 'saving it for the perfect occasion'. I am really enjoying all the options and the randomness of its tasks! Note to self: do not google what other people have done with their journals.
  • SLEEPING BAG. When watching TV I tend to curl up and wrap myself in a blanket for warmth and protection from ankle-grabbing monsters. The boyfriend suggested to get a sleeping bag, of course unicorn shaped and possibly for kids, and I am so glad I followed his advice! If you need me, look for the pink unicorn burrito on the sofa.
  • THE HANDMAID'S TALE. I finally finished the two books I had been reading, rather lazily I might add, for over a month, and I could finally start 'The handmaid's tale', by Margaret Atwood. It's one of those books that are catchy and interesting from the very beginning. I would definitely recommend reading it.

Going down:
  • BUREAUCRACY. On top of the bottomless pit of hell that is the Visa application process, I had to renew my Italian passport. There is a reason why Italy is famous for pizza and mafia, and not punctuality and efficiency. 
  • AIR CONDITIONING. It's finally summer, please, let me enjoy being warm until it lasts. I really don't want to wear a tank top but have to carry a sweater at all times because everywhere, other than outside, it's too cold to wear summer clothes.
  • SPOTIFY. Let me get this straight: Spotify suggests songs, shuffles my playlists for me, shows me an ad to let me listen to thirty minutes of my music... Basically we need to pay to stop Spotify from putting in extra work! It makes no sense. Can you imagine if conversations with your friends were like that? Random topics, never answering your questions, bragging about other friends you don't know...

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