Let's be honest: we are not that smart.

There are only few things more annoying than having to sneeze, but don’t end up sneezing. It feels like your body and your mind detach, each following a different path, and you are stuck in the middle with a funny face.

creativity and mental disconnection

Sometimes, when you are trying to write a common word and it loses its meaning, it's your brain that tricks your hand. Even after spelling that word out loud and checking on Google, it still looks oddly unusual. So you sit there, repeating the word in your head trying to make it sound right. Stuck, again, with a funny face. This is a frequent experience that happens all over the world, not just in English.

This week on: The more you know!

The French even have a name for it, and it’s the exact opposite as ‘déjà vu’ (which means ‘already seen’). The feeling of having never seen, for example, a specific word before is called ‘jamais vu’. Literally, ‘never seen before’. Now, go out in the world and sound smart!

Other times, instead, it’s your soul that splits in two: your younger self, and your adulting self. The crack starts showing when sunny and windy days cease to be kite in the park days and become perfect laundry days. It deepens when the system crashes at work and you are bothered because you had a job to finish. Which is the same thing as the nerdy kid in school that was bummed when a teacher wasn’t in. You could hear their ‘awwh’ among the general cheers.

We became the nerdy adulting people.

Although, unlike real adults or real nerdy geniuses (or ‘geni’, because dead languages matter), I believe my generation to be particularly creative when we think we are about to invent something. Even if it’s silly, as long as we’re the first ones doing it, then it’s totally cool. That’s when common sense takes a step back and lets impetuosity and entitlement take over. Two peculiarly Millennial characteristics, so it seems. The result, thanks to the internet, are things no one should be doing that are weirdly popular: braided eyebrows, tattooed freckles, and wiggly lips, just to recap the latest trends, in case you have a life and missed out on 'revolutionary inventions'.

Move, Galileo, we got the feather brows.

For example, just the other night, I was getting tea from a 7/11 and I went to add milk. The options on the machine in front of me were ‘cold milk’ and ‘hot milk’. For some reason, in that very moment, like it was the most logical thing to do, I pushed ‘hot milk’. Only then I started asking myself the wrong questions. Why have I never thought of putting hot milk in my tea before? Wouldn’t it be the perfect solution to keep it hot longer? Are we so lazy we can’t even microwave some milk? Why don’t people do this regularly? At that point, I looked down and saw milk frothing on top of my tea. Then, and only then, I realised my error in judgement.

Yo impetuosity, I’m really happy for your great questions. Imma let you finish, but common sense had one of the best answers of all time!

So it happens that you may think you just had a great idea. The best idea ever, and it came from your brains! Just to realise, as soon as you put your theory into practice, that there must be a reason why no one has ever done that before. Because, let’s be honest, we might be nerdy adulting people, but we’re not that smart and, as we saw, sometimes our head can't even focus when we have to sneeze.

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