Notes from August

Welcome back to my end-of-the-month notes. What's going up in my life, and what's going down yelling timber. That's a Ke$ha song, I don't expect you to know the reference, but kudos if you got it! Also, I added some very interesting links for you to check out!

At the beginning of this month, my Youtube newsfeed was an endless list of bashing and ranting videos about a failed make-up palette. Of course, I watched all of them because there is something just too satisfying in a really bad review. It's a bit like watching fail videos, or pimple popping: questionable and enjoyable at the same time. It didn't make me question my life choices as I simply expanded my concept of guilty pleasures

This month has been a real 'fake it till you make it' challenge. From new job position to new improv course, I have been constantly pretending I knew what I was doing. Also, I have been practicing my 'power stance' and replacing 'sorry for' with 'thank you for'. Does it make a difference? Not sure yet. Will keep you posted.

Going up:

  • GAME OF THRONES. What a season! The Wolves are back in the North, Dragons flying around, Cercei sober because of reasons, pirates, secret weddings revealed, White walkers and snow on King's Landing. A special mention goes to Sansa. You scared me, girl! I was ready to throw something at the screen but then you did the right thing. Please continue.
  • MARKETS. I went to my first Melbourne Unicorn Festival! There were rainbow desserts, unicorn make-up, onesies, glitter and all things pretty. I tried to stay there until it got so crowded and I couldn't see any stall. Worth the mosh pit! Also, given the season, the Night Market is back with mulled wine, music, handmade items, and all kinds of ethnic foods. Bring your own wine and call it a Friday!
  • PAMPER NIGHT. I can clearly remember three nights that I spent at home with a couple of my closest friends, where we just relaxed, slapped a skincare mask on our face and talked about life, boys, plans, and things. The first pamper night happened in Italy, the second in England, the third just a few weeks ago, here, in Australia.

Going down:

  • PANDORA. In my opinion, the best music streaming service out there. I felt like it knew me and my taste. I never had a bad random listening session with it. And at the beginning of this month they ended their service for Australia and New Zealand. It's a sad moment in life.
  • HEARING VOICES. Every time I watch a movie I hear an actor's voice for the first time, and the very fact that I have never heard certain movies in their original language freaks me out! That's because, in Italy, they dub all movies and TV shows with Italian voices. It's not too bad, until you experience a movie in English. Then there is no going back.
  • MELT-DOWN. It happens to everyone at least once in life. Some are lucky enough to have a melt-down moment in the privacy of their homes, others may need to rush to the closest bathroom stall and try not to sob too loudly. Stress is evil, we all know that. The only silver lining is that what stressed us initially will eventually get better and easier to face.

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