Notes from July

Hello everyone, how are you doing? Are you adulting, or procrastinting while watching Netflix? I have done both! I bought a sofa with the boyfriend so we could watch TV shows even more comfortably. Either way, you are my people. Here's what I liked and disliked during the month of July, and some links worth clicking. Enjoy!

During these months we get daily updates from our excited and sun burnt British cousins because of their 23 degrees heatwave. Which is your average Australian temperature throughout the year. But not during Melbournian winters. As soon as our thermometers go below 6 degrees we go in self-preservation mode. Everyone is literally freaking out and the general mood feels like there will be no tomorrow. Winter is here. 

And 'Game of thrones' is here too! Which is great news for all my fellow nerd friends. My hope is for Sansa, my personal favourite, to survive. Not even to sit on the throne. Just surviving would be nice. Who are you rooting for? Letmeknowinthecommentsbelow.

Going up:

  • HOLO. Please, give me holographic, opalescent, unicorn skin, rainbow chrome. Give me all of that. And it takes so much self control to avoid buying a very ordinary product because of the holo packaging. I need to ask myself three questions before every purchase: Do I need this product? Do I need this precise one? Would I choose it if it didn't have fantastic shifting colours on the outside?
  • DOCUMENTARIES. Netflix and Stan are a valid source of very interesting real-life insights on the most diverse topics. I enjoy what's unusual and far from my reality, so you can easily spot me wrapped in a blanket on the sofa watching documentaries on Russian prisons, brothels in Nevada, or child kidnapping.
  • BREAKING BAD. I was aware it is listed among the best TV shows of the decade. And now that I've seen it, I have to agree. I finally understand the reason behind the hype. I particularly enjoy little things such as similarities between different storylines, random actions or objects that have no real meaning in the storyline but bring dimension and specifics to each character. 

Going down:

  • AUSSIE DIM SIMS. I don't know how I lasted two years here without being offered this traditional Australian ethnic creation. It may look like a regular Chinese dumpling but, oh boy, the filling is the real deal. And by 'deal' I mean mystery. It tastes like spam but I've been told I would be lucky if what I was chewing was actual pork.
  • TALKING ON THE PHONE. Surely, there is an unspoken rule that doesn't let you take long and extenuating phone calls while on a crowded bus. Keep calls short and sweet, please. Also, if your best friend calls you on your way home to fully investigate the reasons behind their boyfriend's behaviour, tell them you will call them later. Especially do not ask them: what's your action plan now that you are aware of how it makes you feel?
  • NIGHTMARES. The most terrifying nightmares I remember are those that bring me back to high school. More specifically, those where I cannot answer questions and the teachers either laugh at me, or tell me how much I've disappointed them on a personal level. Or the ones where my friends forget about me and don't include me in their party plans, or when I am super late and stuck somewhere. On top of that, when comparing nightmares with friends, I never win against theirs, which are usually about dying or murderers.

Links worth clicking:

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