When they say you look tired

If you can't say anything nice, say nothing at all. Especially do not say: 'You look tired'. This is dedicated to all of you who have said 'you look tired' at least once. Especially to you, Linda from Marketing.

There are days when everything seems to go wrong. Your alarm doesn't go off, you don't have time for breakfast, your tram is late, it's raining and your umbrella keeps flipping up, you have a massive pile of work to do, etc. But ultimately none of this matters. It's something new to talk about, a daily rant, small talk material. What has the real potential to crush your whole essence is hearing that you look tired.

We didn't wake up one hour earlier for fun or for your validation. There's a morning routine to follow, and not only it includes the essential washing and brushing, but the extras. Such as remembering to wear a bra, shaving even above the knee, or painting our eyelashes black because it feels weird not to.

Or, an even worse scenario, when it's not one of those horrible days, and we simply enjoyed a movie date the night before, late night shopping, read a whole book... I don't know what youngsters do nowadays for fun.

So, dear Linda, if we look tired, it's because we are. And, guess what? Not only it was worth it, but we will fix it with eight hours of sleep. Eventually.

If you think you are doing us a favour saying that we look tired, think again. We know. And we know you are not being nice, nor useful, and it's surely not a conversation starter. Maybe our life is awesomely busy with our intense socialising and eccentric hobbies. Did you ask about any of that?

You know what? Next time I see you waltzing around, realising things, with your shiny blonde hair and two-year plans, I am going to gently tap you on your shoulder, look you in the eyes, and ask:

Linda, have you been crying?

Because I do care. I am showing sympathy and compassion. I am not judging your sleeping pattern or lack of make-up. I am showing active interest in your emotional state. The fact that this may shake your stiletto foundations, is only a plus.

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