Notes from June

It feels like yesterday that we all were celebrating the end of 2016, and now we're already halfway through 2017. 182 days in the blink of an eye. Blink 182. Get it? 

I have been waiting months to use this piece of knowledge in my 'Notes of the month'. Sorry not sorry.

On a less existential note, I moved on from last month's 2013 revival and landed right into Dawson's Creek era. I remember watching it after school when I was twelve and talking about the episode the next day with my best friends. Good times. 

Update from a week later: has that TV show always been this boring? I had to stop watching Dawson's Creek because it's unbearable. All those two people dialogues with whimsical music, spare me! Also, I had to drop a physical book because it's too cold and dark to read on the bus, and switch to an audio-book. I am currently listening to *drumroll please* Terry Pratchett's 'The colour of magic'. It was about time I expanded my fantasy territory! Ideally, I could be able play Dungeons and Dragons soon, but I am rather scared of the quantity of specific words that I know only in Italian. I think I will have to be a barbarian. Oh the irony.

Going up:

  • ACHIEVEMENTS. As you know, I attended a couple of theatre improvisation courses this year, and this month my class was on stage for our level 2 final show. The main topic of this level was character creation and interaction. Along with the usual object work, second beat, run, specifics, and if you think it sounds hard, it's because it is! That's why passing this level was such a relief for me!
  • TRAINSPOTTING 2. Here I am, confused and afraid. Confused because T2 is the name of a tea store here in Melbourne, afraid because we all know how sequels usually go. But I was pleasantly wrong both times! It is indeed the sequel of one of my top three favourite movies, and it didn't let down my high expectations.
  • UNICORN SCARF. Since it's winter I figured I probably needed a scarf, so I bought one decorated with hand-stitched looking unicorns. I think I never got so many compliments for an item of clothing! This unicorn scarf keeps my neck and my ego nice and warm, what more could I ask for?

Going down:

  • RUSH HOUR. In the span of a minute I can go from 'Geez! Move from the doors! Don't you see the tram is almost slowing down, and you're still standing there?', to a mortified 'Omg I am so sorry!! I am totally walking on the wrong side of the sidewalk. I'm from Europe! Sorry for bumping into everyone.'
  • MAN SPREADING. Seriously considering the addition of 'man spreading', 'power stance', and other typically masculine behaviours to my to-do list. I just want to know what it feels like to intentionally take up as much space as you can. Needless to say, men spreading their legs on the bus deserve to deal with tangled earphones for the rest of their life.
  • WITHDRAWAL. The whole new season of 'Orange is the new black' is finally available on Netflix, and we all know what it means. A few days of entertainment, and then waiting for the next season. Because there will be a next season, right? Right?! I am starting to feel withdrawn. I need a quick fix, just a new trailer, please!

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