When in Rome...

It may happen that you, someday, will travel to Italy. My suggestion is for you to embrace Italian culture in all its aspects. Pine-cone hand and all. But I am not here to beat around the bush, or to 'beat one's dog around the farmyard', so let me tell you a few things about 'the beautiful Country'.

visiting Italy, Italian sayings

The first thing you ought to do is to eat a real pizza. A whole pizza all by yourself. Italians don’t share. Unless, of course, it’s the bill. What English call ‘going Dutch’, we call ‘paying Roman style’. Some may even ‘pay Milan style’, which is when people pay exactly for what they ate without splitting the bill according to how many people are dining. And don’t call us stingy, or ‘short arm’, for this! Lucky for you, pizza is quite cheap, it doesn’t cost ‘an eye from one’s head’.

Knock on wood, or ‘touch iron’, it won’t be raining when you visit. Sightseeing in Italy is an enjoyable activity only when it’s not raining cats and dogs, or as Italians call it ‘wolves’ weather’. Also, beware of ‘lightning strikes’, which is not what you think! It's what Italians call love at first sight. People are, obviously, all gorgeous. Which makes it tricky to recognise the snob/snotty ones, the ones that 'pull it' too far, and those with 'stink underneath their noses', so to speak. Other than that, most Italians are laid back, 'to the hand', and outgoing, but you will definitely find some that aren't very bright. You could say they ate 'bread and fox for breakfast'. Others, instead, are legit 'ball-breakers' with the sole purpose in life to 'wreck your d*ck'.

Hands up if you know someone like that!

You know what they say: 'new place you visit, new habits you'll find'. Some people may even think that the best way to conduct their life is by following the motto 'horses and cows from your own towns'. Although I am sure this isn't the case for you. Don’t be fooled by the outdated sound of our sayings. They are always useful. For example, you might say: want your cake and eat it too. Whereas Italians say that 'you want a full barrel and a drunk wife'! Or that you are 'trying to save cabbages and goat'.

But, hey, 'you wanted a bicycle? Now go ride it!'

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