Notes from May

Welcome June! What do people say in this situation? Something like: 'Wow, I can't believe it's June already! where has May gone?'
Well, you are in the right place to find out! 

May is a month that confuses me. I am pretty bad at remembering birthdays, never mind 'artificial celebrations' such as Mother's day. I get it confused with Women's day, and then Mother's day in England is not the same day as Mother's day in Italy. So in my head Mother's day is on the 8th and I blame the time difference. Also, I am re-watching 'How I met your mother' while re-reading one of the books I studied for my Uni dissertation and I totally feel like it's 2013 again. 

Going up:

  • COMMUNITY. Where has this show been all my life? This is one of the best comedy shows since Parks and Recreation. I wish it never ended. I think I will watch it again on loop.
  • A PEN. I spent part of the month debating whether to swap my i-phone for a Samsung with a pen. A pen! I am not an apple fanatic and there is nothing that emotionally ties me to that phone, so you can see how the prospect of a pen(!) is irresistible. I know, I question my lifestyle choices too. 
  • AUTUMN. What can I say, autumn and its colours bring me back to beginning of school year, new stationery, Halloween, my birthday. So it's just natural (pun intended) that when dead leaves cover the ground I get this oximoronic happy feeling. It's a real word, I checked! Even if it's May and none of this is actually happening.

Going down:

  • HUMIDITY. Can I be frivolous? Yes. I am tired of this rainy days. Either sporadic heavy drops or a humid mist. Neither worth opening an umbrella. Both fatal for my rainbow mermaid unicorn hair. Say bye to perfect curls, or perfect straight hair, and welcome french braids.
  • EUROVISION. Of course Eurovision is always a great show and I love that it's 'my people's show. I meant 'weird' people, not Europeans. So it was a bit of a let down to see the lack of actually tacky, cheesy, and over the top performances this year.
  • COMMON SAYINGS. Sometimes, all you need is a cliche'. Too bad what's a common saying in Italian, sounds like nothing in English. Touch iron, Barbs, next time you won't take a step longer than your leg.

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