Fashion sins and personal saviours

In the past Century, fashion turned its back on us. Instead of covering our bodies, helping us to playfully deceive others' gaze upon our 'imperfections', it now brings them under the spotlight. If bountiful rewards are what you are seeking, then you will need someone who preach sacrifice and penance: personal trainers as new spiritual advisers and saviours.

personal trainers as saviours

Luckily we can resort to all sorts of motivational, inspirational, or positive movements, that pop up just as much as their negative counterparts. One thing stands true and bright as day: the gym name on top of that sweated door. It's not so surprising that, in this world of selfies and influencers, something as self-focused as diet and exercise has become a religion.

For each gym annual membership card that sits unused in someone's wallet, there's someone that is actually obsessed with going to the gym. 'Obsessed' is a word that you won't hear me say too often. I tend not to trust influencers that claim to be instantly obsessed with the latest product. An obsession has never been a cheap thing, both economically and physically. 'Obsession' comes from the Latin word that means 'siege'. Also, from a psychological point of view, 'obsession' indicates a thought that wasn't ours to begin with but is persistent and questionable. Of course, there are worse things than being obsessed with physical appearance.

If gluttony and sloth are still sins, they are not deathly ones anymore, but fashion sins. Today people say: 'I have the stretch marks to show for my sins.'

Believe it or not, some individuals actually wake up early on Saturdays to go running. Even in winter! And some that go to the gym for a quick pre-office workout, just to head back there right after their shift. These are people that, at least ten times a day, would begin a sentence by quoting their personal trainer, which has become their confident, guide, guru, and motivator. This sort of figure is only comparable to that of a priest, and the repetitions to that of how many Hail Mary will erase your sin.

Naomi Wolf wrote that the rosary has become a calorie counter. Which is one of the most powerful images ever brought up. And that the state of someone's fat, like the state of their virginity, is a community concern. One could potentially be absolved from their sins only if they sincerely tried diet and exercise. Cellulite and stretch marks will then be an inspiration for others, and plastic surgery will be allowed as the crowning of redemption, not as vain shortcut.

'Let us pray for our brothers and sisters' has become 'we'll all encourage you to lose it'.

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