Disney Villains and their virtues

If there is one thing I am not immune to, other than glitter, are those online tests to see which Disney princess you are. I mean, how could I resist? I want to know what percentage of Mulan is in me, or if my ideal castle is Belle's or Cinderella's. Also, am I a Briar Rose or a Snow White on the Disney sleepiness scale? The world needs to know.

Disney villains and virtues

The funny thing is, I am eager to tell all of my girlfriends which is their spirit Disney Princess, according to personality, aspirations, or looks; but when it comes to me: blank. I do have my favourite Princesses, and like some motives better than others, but if you told me I am totally a Jasmine, be prepared for my rage. The classic Disney Princess stereotype is way too reductive. Nowadays we can’t simply sing a song and be rescued by the first knight on a white horse.

In a nutshell: despite all the online tests, I can’t identify with any Disney Princess. Then a thought struck me.

What about Disney Villains?

You got me there! Character-wise they are just as complete as their respective heroes, and with a hint of extra 'sassiness', background, a stronger will, more charisma, and, most importantly, they don’t need to be saved, actually, they do most of the work!

This got me thinking, there must be some good in Disney Villains. Maybe all of the virtues don’t belong to Disney Princesses and they are actually impersonated by their darker counterparts. After all, virtues have as their final scope to guide one’s behaviour towards one’s true happiness. Given that all Villains want is their own happiness, they must possess virtues. I am talking seven heavenly virtues here, not any 'strength' you'd want to put on your CV.

  • Chastity: The second fairest of them all, Grimhilde, aka the Evil Queen. She only wants to be the most pure, despite her vast knowledge of dark magic. And she is wise enough to recognise how important honesty is. She ain’t having none of that modern romance. 
  • Temperance: This virtue simply screams Frollo. Not much because of his humanitarian sense, but he is surely following his justice ideal, carrying himself with honour and abstinence. At least that's what people think. 
  • Charity: Who else, if not the Sea Witch. She is the most benevolent and generous Villain. I've always thought she could have given Ariel goat legs and she didn’t. How about that?! 

  • Diligence: Maleficent impersonate this virtue. For sixteen years she was persistent, she put all of her effort into finding Aurora and having her prick her finger. She could have killed her anytime, but no, the ethics of her prophecy comes first. 

  • Patience: Captain Hook is the only one that lives in a timeless land. Not only that, but he hates even the sound of time ticking out. He lives his endless life well aware of his eternal struggle with sufferance. 

  • Kindness: No one could argue that Mother Gothel is the most kind Villain out there. Being loyal to Rapunzel and protecting her from anything that would harm her. And life in general, oh well. 

  • Humility: Dr. Facilier is definitely the most modest and altruist. After all, he has friends on the other side he needs to report to. He helps people, and he shows some reverence when it comes to staying alive. 

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