Notes from March

I am back with the Up's and Down's for the month of March, and some interesting links for you to check out. Get ready because this time it will get pretty random!

This has been a good month both from an aesthetics point of view, as I was finally be able to get my mermaid hair back, and from a personal growth point of view. As I mentioned last month, I joined an Improv Theatre course and I am all in. My friends are actually tired of me mentioning it. Sorry not sorry! Also, I moved on to read the third book of Erika Johansen's saga: 'The fate of the Tearling'. Some say Emma Watson will play the main role in the upcoming movie(s) based on the novels. I can't wait! Anyway, let's jump right into the good stuff.

Going up:

  • TREAT YO' SELF. Every once in a while, do treat yourself. Especially if you well deserve it! For me it happens twice a year, long enough to really look forward to it, and finally purchase those items I wouldn't otherwise be able to justify. MAC is usually involved. For the geeks out there, I meant the make-up, not the computers. 
  • BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. Don't get too excited, no new season in sight, it's just me feeling nostalgic and binge watching the show from season one. As a teenager I didn't remember enjoying those puns as much as I am now. One thing I do remember is my massive crush on Spike.
  • NOTEBOOKS. I need to have a few empty notebooks laying around the house, some I will never want to 'ruin' by using them to write in, others I will love using because written word is bound to stay and some things are worth remembering. Also, if they match my sparkly mint nail polish, how could I not buy them? 

Going down:

  • TECHNOLOGY. The more I love the internet, the more it hurts when technology fails me. I am using the word 'technology' very loosely here. To be specific, the alarm on my phone autonomously decided not to go off on random days. A few days ago even my safety alarm, set two minutes after my regular one, didn't ring. Also, I bought a music CD and none of my portable devices is programmed to play it. Great.
  • FACEBOOK. Apparently anything your friends like or get tagged in, shows up on your news feed as if they posted it. To me personally, seeing pictures of people I don't know just because one of my friends liked it, doesn't seem smart. Check your privacy settings, people!
  • BARISTAS. I was vaguely aware of 'baristas' not being able to spell names properly, now I am sure there's much more to it. I don't want to believe they saw me and thought my name was Pablo. True story. There must be a secret plan going on worldwide so that my name is sometimes Babra, which is better than Babora, once I was Mabra, and Babar, and one time I told them my name was Voldemort and they wrote Voldermolt.

Links worth clicking:

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