Pretty, even without make-up?

I bet my unicorn brushes that everyone, at least once in their life, thought that someone “is wearing way too much make-up and would look a lot better more natural”. Mind you, we thought that with the most positive and loving intent, meaning they would look pretty even without make-up. But if you read the message carefully you will definitely hear the catch.

no-makeup makeup

Saying “you are pretty even without make-up” doesn’t simply mean “you are perfectly fine as you are”, more like “if you weren't pretty without make-up, then you should put some on”. But not too much, keep it natural, sort of ‘your skin but better’. It’ s called ‘no make-up’ make-up: nude tints, brownish colours, and rose, peach, taupe, mauve. Opposite of Spice Girls, these colours are the Wallflower Grannies of colours, soft and warm, we all love them!

For a practical example, let's say you are running late and can't spend half an hour in front of your vanity mirror to look like you woke up like this. Is it fine to go out 'au naturel' for real, this time? The answer is: nnnnnot really, even though “you don't need make-up to be pretty”. In fact, you will never hear anyone say “you don't need to be pretty”. Because you do, according to society. That's why 'no make-up' make-up is so popular. Not everyone is gifted with perfect skin and full eyebrows, or pencil thin if the trend ever went back a decade. Make-up is as social as it is to interact with others, and they need to know you at least tried to look pretty-er.

It gets worse! Wearing make-up tends to be a quantitative action. It's either too much or too little, and guess what happens next? Our dichotomy dependant brains connect that quantity to a social quality. Too much make-up and you're a slut, too little and you are a saint. That comes with centuries of reinforcement, sometimes the mind thinks before we realise what is really going on, but there’s plenty room for improvement!

After all this, don't tell me that when I wear 'no make-up' make-up I am tricking naive boys, or that the face they went to bed with is not the same they saw the next morning. I’m telling you, the face is all there, mostly on the pillow. And, seriously, if you thought my cheekbones were actually rainbow coloured and my lips black, well, you are up to some bad news in life.

Post inspired by this insightful article (in Italian)

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