Curious case of shopping inception

When it comes to female moments of truth, none has more cat-eye sharp clarity than a trip to the mall. Something strange happened when I was shopping around Christmas time. To think that shopping is so enjoyable... for some. Absolutely hated by others. Also, it could keep me active for hours, with moderate to no loss. 

Shopping could indeed be my cardio! 

online shopping

On that festive weekend, surrounded by everything gold and happy, the boyfriend was looking at some next generation car that runs on wishes and rainbows. A little bit off my budget, if I'm honest, hence I decided to ignore it and check my phone instead. One new e-mail. An auto generated advertisement for some new beauty product from a half indie brand. Of course I opened it because 'clickbait'. Shop assistants hate her! You would never guess what she saw on that website! The one secret no one tells you! Keep reading to find out! 

They were advertising a new line of lipsticks, but also lip gloss, but also duochrome, but also highlighters, but also eyeliners, but also glitter! And we all know to what extent I devote my life to glitter.

I stood there for what I thought was a very short time, almost unnoticeable, staring at my phone like I just saw Santa in person. When I felt a sudden shiver, a shadow of shame hovering above my head. The boyfriend saw me and I instantly noticed the irony. Am I really shopping online in the biggest shopping centre of the Southern Hemisphere? 

The mind boggles.

Quick! Go back, empty cart, main page, pretend to check the time! All of which miserably failed, mostly because I still think I have a back button on my phone, when I am in fact pressing nothing. Truth is, once you notice how insane the behaviour, you can't come back from your meta-realisation. It's like when you are having a scary dream and you see yourself grabbing the banana to harm the killer who is looking for you. Why didn't I grab the gun? Why was I so silly when the situation clearly required another behaviour? Why did I revert to virtual instead of real shopping? 

This is the story of how I became one of 'them'. You can see us shining during the day. Not like vampires! But because we are looking at our lit phones. And/or because we jumped on the glitter make-up sale.

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