5 steps for doing more of what you love

Sometimes I feel like days are too short and weekends fly past before I can even plan to do something useful. I analysed the situation thoroughly and methodically, applying all my philosophical knowledge and I came to the conclusion that there are five steps to bring yourself to do more of what you love.

do more of what you love

'Hi, I'm Barbara and I love baking.' These are the words I'd use if I had to talk about my hobbies. Statement being totally true, as proven by my Blogger name and Pinterest dessert boards. But if you asked me when was the last time I actually baked something, or wether what I baked was Pinterest-worthy, well, that is a whole different story. I wish I had more time/ ideas/ ingredients magically appearing in my cupboard/ unbeatable frosting skills... Basically, a bunch of excuses!

All we truly need to do more of what we love, and get better at it, are these five steps.

  • Motivation

It all depends on your motivational key, for some people all it takes is a little push, if that's your case, have you tried mentioning your project to friends or on your Socials? Surely there are many people out there that went through the same phase and have tons of good tips for you. On the other hand, if you have a visual mind like yours truly, definitely surround yourself with images and projects, and start creating.

  • Materials

It's not necessary to go out and splurge on a brand new set of tools for you to use. Chances are you already have almost all what you will need. I am personally in favour of buying something new for the occasion, especially if it makes you happy. Or wait until it's your birthday and let your friends know about your passion, they will surely be able to pick something special for you.

  • Inspiration

Look online or 'in real life' for inspiration! Learn by looking at who is more skilled and remember that creativity and ideas are within you to begin with. It's all a matter of practice. And don't do that thing where you compare your first trials to those of professionals, I tend to do that and I am perfectly aware it's a silly thing! 

  • Make time

Life can be hectic, nonetheless you should always find some time for yourself. Use your free time to do more of what you love even if it means to watch just one episode of your favourite TV series instead of binge watch a whole season. What happens if you are not up to the challenge? I am afraid you will have to go back to step one.

  • Keep track

Maybe it's this scrapbook craze, maybe it's because notebooks are getting cuter and cuter, maybe I tend to forget things too easily, but writing down what I accomplished in a day makes it feel more real. Grab a glittery pen and write a list, take pictures, share your project, or keep it secret! You will see how much you've improved in time and it will be fun to look back at those first steps.

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