Who said this is an inappropriate question?

Last weekend I had the sweetest and nerdiest interaction with a stranger. I was in a figurines and collectibles shop, as you do on the weekend, looking with dreamy eyes at all the Harry Potter related items, when I found myself next to a young girl. I guess she was around fourteen, maybe younger, and reminded me of myself at that age. Not much for the hair colour, she could have been a Weasley! but for the comfortable clothes and low ponytail, and she looked young and natural, which is not at all a given thing for teenagers nowadays.

coming across as weird with strangers

Oh gosh, am I really talking about 'teenagers nowadays' like I am some sort of wise old lady of the mountain? I need a minute to digest the news.

So, we were both standing there in awe and we looked at each other and I asked her which Hogwarts house she belonged to. I am perfectly aware that, for most people, the main thing in social circumstances is to not come across weird. Well, that day, my inner self, the 'I just received my letter from Hogwarts' self, decided to ignore unspoken social rules. The girl had her answer so ready you'd think that was a normal conversation between real people.

By the way, she was in Ravenclaw, to which I replied with a wink and whispered 'Me too!' because there are muggles around, gotta be discrete.

When I approached the boyfriend near the Lord of the Rings swords corner, I found him shaking his head 'Oh my God, Barbs, you can't just ask someone which house they belong to!'. I know, his inner self is a Mean Girl. What can I do?

Before you all start rolling your eyes at me and my 'inappropriate' questions, let me ask you: when was the last time you interacted with a stranger and the whole thing was half as cool as this? As in 'faith in humanity restored' cool, not 'walking away from an explosion' cool. Also, I hope the 'restoring faith in humanity' has been reciprocal! When you are a teenager that likes Harry Potter and smiles at like minded people in nerdy stores, it's never too soon to learn that you don't have to become a serious adult when you grow up.

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