On the joys and pains of new friendships

There is one scary thing about getting older: your old friends have known you for too long. They have too much they can hold against you. They were there when you had spinach stuck in your braces, when you were comparing boob size, and fighting over Leo's poster found in your favourite magazine. And, most importantly, they know how old you really are.

new friendships

New friends make you feel like the first night you sleep over at your partner's house. A mixture of excitement and awkwardness. Both of you so careful not to make the other even think you have any sort of bodily function. You would sneak out of bed first thing in the morning to brush your teeth just to quietly go back to bed and pretend you woke up like this. New friends would lie to you not to hurt your feelings, and would think twice before telling you a politically incorrect joke.

All this 'new friends' business happens to everyone who starts a new job, move to another city, or simply change surroundings. You can take it as a work in progress experience and make the best of your time away from your old friends. Discovering new passions and learning new things about yourself. All phrases that seem oh-so inspiring when you put a landscape picture on the background and select a pretty font.

But this is not Pinterest, it's real life!

Believe me, when you walk in a new environment, you don't have to find the perfect fit friends immediately. Feel free to drown yourself in books and become one with Netflix, making everyone believe you are a loner when you actually just miss your old partners in crime.

Seriously, I am the last person to judge. When I moved to England, I found myself one week into the semester with the intention to start a Harry Potter marathon with my flatmates. Not too dissimilar from the typical Thursday movie night back in Italy, or from what will happen in Australia not too long after.

Also, most new friends would do anything not to make you think they are weird.

What? Is there a unicorn onesie on the couch? Who put it there? As if anyone would possibly wear it while watching Eurovision. Pfhh surely not me! *sweating nervously*

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