How to always look put together

I feel a little bit polemical today, after reading one too many blog post about what real girls should be doing every morning in order to achieve their dream or to feel like they have their shit together. Also, what's with this 'looking put together' deal?

ways to look put together

I know, it sucks that, more often than not, society requires a certain degree of dedication on our physical appearance in order to 'look put together'. When actually getting out of bed and through the office doors adequately covered, and in time should be more than enough! After all, isn't that enough for guys? That's why they don't have to go through ten articles per day about routines and things we aren't doing and that's why we are not instafamous.

If you've never read any of those articles I can sum them up for you: skincare starts at night, try this expensive oil with my discount code. Meditate! Start a bullet journal! Do pilates! Go paleo! Sleep early and sleep well, because if you don't sleep well you will have to go back to the start. Drink water with lemon, that's the one secret no one tells you. What kind of girl do you think you are, going out without mascara?!
And comb through your eyebrows, seriously. And by 'comb through' I mean pluck them, use a wax pigment to draw them back on, then a pencil, make it two so it looks more realistic, and powder to set, and eyebrow mascara. Watch my tutorial! Now wear trendy ugly pants because you need them. Look at you now, a natural beauty ready for a new day. Now, six ways to be more productive at work...

All that had to be read with an obnoxious nasal squeaky voice. I hope you did it.

Now that I've complained about these ways to look put together according to the blogosphere, you'd expect a constructive part to this post. I have thought for days about it and there is no way everyone is going to be happy with anything I say.

That's it! I am officially revealing the deep truth about blogging!

I would say to at least brush your hair and wear clean shoes without holes in them. But I have gone around Paris doing neither, so there you go. Also, I usually put on some concealer before going out but it's perfectly fine if you don't. Take inspiration from said articles and try something new if you will, or don't. In the end it's all up to you.

I guess that's precisely the point.

The one rule to look 'put together' is that you set the bar to how you're supposed to look when you are 'together'. Let's be honest, random strangers don't really care, and friends accept you no matter what. When it comes to people you are meeting for the first time that will stay in your life for a while, I'd say to feel comfortable while adapting to the situation. It's not rocket science and you don't need 10 ways for common sense.

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