Can you disconnect from your smartphone?

I may not function too well when it's windy, when I have to carry two things at the same time, or when I am wearing heels. At least I am aware of all this and can act accordingly before stepping outside of the house. If it's raining I like to carry a shoulder bag so I will have a free hand even when holding my umbrella. Flat shoes if I need to walk more than 90 steps. Bandana when it's windy, especially if it's on a Friday, because of reasons

But when I see people walking down the street, physically unable to look up from their phones, then I know we have a problem.

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The other day I saw this girl, she had long hair with a full fringe, a cap, and was looking intently at her phone. Suddenly she had lo look up because she was about to walk over me. Bus stop problems. Well, in order to look at the surroundings she didn't simply tilt her head upwards like one would normally do. The process required a 180 degrees neck bending, as if she was looking at the sky. That's because the whole long-fringe and cap-pinning-it-down situation made it physically impossible for her to just look straight ahead.

I sincerely think there is a problem when the way you act and present yourself is in function of you staring down to your phone. 

And I am not talking about the whole 'stop staring at your phones, life is happening around you baww baww'. Gosh, I stare at my phone too, and you know why? Because I left years of my life on the other side of the world and it's nice to, you know, talk to my family and hear the latest gossip when I'm on the bus, before they all go to bed in Italy.

Back on topic. 

You know something went terribly wrong when they make purses so tiny that you can't even fit your smartphone in them and you have to carry it in your hands. That's the most useless concept of a purse that I can think of! Already girls aren't allowed pockets, why making it worse? My dears, the time is long gone when you could carry just phone and lipstick in your bag. Now we physically can't detach from our phones. And it's pretty scary.

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