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Let me tell you a secret. One of the easiest ways to adulting is to make people believe you are actually doing it right. You know the saying 'fake it till you make it', right? Well, it's time to apply that to your life, starting from your room. 

organizing adult room

First of all, take a look around you, on your walls, bed, desk. If you can count less than three adulting appropriate items, ask yourself: what if real adults were to walk into your room right now, what sort of information would they gather about you? Surely they would know what your passions are, what's your favourite colour, probably something about how much you spend on clothes and how neatly you are following a washing/cleaning schedule.

Now, how do you imagine your home would look like if you actually had your shit together? We are not talking about useful electronics and furniture here, not yet. Probably you would keep an agenda on the table with a pen next to it, keys, sunglasses, and an umbrella near the door. Photo collage on the wall, colour coordinated pillows,  a fluffy white blanket, a marble table, and fresh flowers...

Woah there, close Pinterest Barbs! Baby steps. Baby steps.

To trick real adults, like your parents, into thinking you know what you are doing, start with a corner, or a table, and work your way out. Clean up your desk so the first thing people see is not a mass of paper, cups, cables, and items you used weeks ago. Keep what you use daily and what makes you happy.

After all, the main purpose of a house is to be lived in, not look flawless for the storms of photographers that crowd your living room on a daily basis.

My 'horror vacui' syndrome doesn't allow me to have a Pinterest-perfect room. For that reason I would add something personal and special in that newly freed corner. A book, memories from a journey, a scented candle to actually burn, something sparkly, or pop culture references. 

Because I never said we were real adults just yet.

By temporarily removing items from your room you won't erase them from your life, instead you will highlight their importance by keeping core items in a clean space. Plus you can always switch them up, falling in love with certain items all over again.

Bonus tip:
Don't forget that real adults for some reason love clean houses. Remember to clean up before people come over, or hide every pair of underwear and cups laying around very well. Offer to make tea or coffee and bring it to them in tiny cups on tiny plates with tiny spoons. Real adults fall for this fancy stuff.

Image: Thanks to Martina

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