The hair bun prophecy

There was a time when women looked flawless with hair curled in a bandana. They could have a family, work in a factory, and take care of their homes. They also had killer eyeliner, and perfect red lips, and they must have been witches for keeping all that up. I can barely do one of those things at a time. Needless to say I usually pick the bandana.

friday hair bun updo

Back to modern days, there are two things I like doing on Friday: one, is missing the typical student nightlife and then realising that my onesie is way more comfortable than push-up bra and high heels. The second, is looking at girls' hair. 

Yes, that's a thing!

This specific activity sees me counting how many of my colleagues are wearing their hair up in a bun / pineapple, or a ponytail. As you'd expect, not many curled up-do's nor bandana in sight, other than mine, accompanying my almost-bare face.

I told you I could do only one of those things at a time.

Anyway, boys might not notice this hair bun deal, for this reason I apologise for spilling girls' secrets. But when I look up from my desk I can only see pineapples sticking up from behind monitors and shelves. It's not simply a 'casual Friday' side effect, it's undoubtedly a sign of careful week planning. 

Given that Friday, or any day really, is Netflix-and-chill-day, no one needs to have perfect hair. The real deal is the weekend: social life, shopping, friends, family, meals out, photos, all things that may require decent hair.

So, if you wanted to have good hair on Sunday and Saturday, this is what your week would look like: 
  • Monday 
Commonly known as 're-bra day'. Looking like a real person is already hard enough and the blowout can sort of hold an extra day. If you believe in unicorns, you can believe in this too.
  • Tuesday 
Definitely a dry shampoo day because, let's face it, your hair stopped making sense at this point. Maybe a fancy braid, if you have that sort of skill, and if you don't, you can always add some glitter.
  • Wednesday
If you were a normal person you'd probably want to have clean hair on Wednesday to feel like you're in charge of your life. But having mid-week clean hair means that it just looks clean but there is no styling involved because you also feel like doing something better.
  • Thursday
No one cares about Thursday. Someone may call it Friday-eve.
  • Friday
You guessed it: 'International hair bun day'!

By now, you know the drill: you shouldn't wash your hair everyday, and if you have coloured hair it's even better to bring the washes down to once a week. Trust me, it's totally doable and not as gross as it sounds! Given that Friday hair bun.

And sometimes Thursday braid. 

Hoping that it doesn't rain on Wednesday.

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