Issues that deserve some ranting

I have to admit, I love acting overly dramatic when something comes up. It doesn't even have to be upsetting or blatantly rant-worthy. I simply feel the need to be a drama queen every now and then. Who doesn't?! Plus, I am from Italy, and pretty much everything I say with any degree of participation sounds worked up and exaggerate. But trust me, unlike what the boyfriend says, I am perfectly calm. 

rant issues pockets nontouring

On the other hand, sometimes I come across people and situations that do deserve a good dose of ranting. I would like to address a few of them, just to get them out of my system. As if things are going to get better once I do this.  

  • Some beauty trends
I don't want to live on a planet where 'nontouring' is a thing. It is a negative word, it literally means not-that-thing, so the only thing here is 'contouring'. 'Nontouring' is not a thing, don't allow it to gain the status of being a thing. If you wanted to go out in full glam you may add a contoured face on top of your natural face, if you don't, you will be left with your natural face, not with a nontoured face. I am flexible on the 'man-' things, like man-scaping, man-bag, man-bun, man-boobs, just because it sounds silly. But 'non-touring' is not even funny. 


  • Pockets
What pockets, you ask? Well.. That's precisely the question!

Leggings, women trousers, skirts, dresses, playsuits, and 90% of jeans. What do they have in common? The absence of real and usable pockets, of course. I am starting to believe it's all a well planned trick on us to make us buy bags. Also I don't know if I can trust women that don't carry a bag. What are you, a witch? How do you live life without things to rely on? Where do you even put your wallet\purse? And your phone? Tissues? Mirror? Chapstick? Hand sanitiser? Mini hair comb? Pads? Portable charger? Receipts? Hopes and dreams? 

  • Lazy people on public transport
Last, but not least, here's to all of those people on the bus who don't move a muscle to let another passenger out. Everyone knows the best seats are the ones near the window, where it's impossible getting hit by shoulder bags and elbows, and where sleeping is less embarrassing. The only downside to window seats is who is sitting next to you. Especially if they decide that you, your coat, your bag, and your umbrella can easily get up and out while they just slightly rotate their legs out. 

That's so not how it works. 

Get your lazy ass up and let me, including ego and belongings, out comfortably, please and thank you. By the way, my work bag has killer spikes all over it, I bet they didn't notice until the accident.

  • Loud voices
As I said, I am Italian and I rarely sound calm, but I can adjust my voice to any situation. At work, for example, I am able to whisper, and on the tram I prefer not to take any calls to avoid bothering people. Also because I don't want everyone to know my personal life, but that's apparently just me, since everyone seems to love shouting their affairs in crowded places. On a daily basis I spend eight hours with TV shows in the background, and two hours listening to audiobooks

 I know, such busy life.

Yet there are some people who manage to keep their voice level high enough for me to hear them over my shows and books. Mind you, I like my volume pretty loud. Let's say I get scared almost daily by whoever sneaks up behind my desk and says 'hey'.

Now that I got all that off my chest, I would like to hear your rants. What annoys you? Next time we can talk about pet peeves and have another chill pill party.

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