Home is where the freak is

When it comes to living arrangements and habits, every one seems to be a bit of a freak in their own special way. And you only notice that when you actually get your hands dirty in someone else's house. The first thing I want to tell you before you offer to wash the dishes is: ask them if they do soapy sponge or soapy water. Trust me, it matters.

housework habits

Although our differences may be polar opposites, think of the eternal war between eggs in the fridge versus eggs outside the fridge, these habits can easily be attributed to a few categories.

  • Moral matter
In this category we find things we do because that's the only way to do it. If you happen to do otherwise I will legitimately call you heretic. Some of us, I am not saying me, but 'some', would never iron bed sheets, underwear, or towels as they simply cannot see the point of it. As a matter of fact, no one would see the point since these items are either folded in a drawer or hung in a bathroom. It's just a moral matter. 

Precisely like stacking dirty dishes. There are people who see no harm in such practice, while others would scream in your ear if you attempt to layer a dirty plate with another plate's clean side. 

  • The easiest way
These habits are definitely not dictated by laziness. Often the easiest way to do something is not a shortcut nor actually easy. But trust me, if you spend that extra time to hang the laundry neatly, you will save tons of ironing time. Especially if you skipped that step altogether like someone we know. Also it's a lot easier to collect clothes in the right order. 

Yes, there is an order.

Precisely like when you go grocery shopping and you want to bag items according to pantry placement. Everyone knows it saves time and it's totally like playing adult tetris. 

  • Life or death
As I mentioned earlier, do you keep your eggs in the fridge or not? Either way, why? Usually it's because something bad would happen otherwise. That's what you've been told since you were a kid and you never questioned it. Some don't keep mayo in the fridge, others keep fruit in the fridge. I have seen bags of rice and face masks in the fridge. Which happens to be the most suitable place for skincare, so stop laughing when you see my eye cream chillin' in there!

Among this category you can find the expiry date theory: 'best consumed before' versus 'not to be consumed after'. Is it just semantic? I believe that, as long as my yogurt hasn't bubbled up the tin foil, it's still good to eat. Expiry date is just a guideline more than actual rule. 

If, in this very moment, you are thinking that I will eventually get sick if I keep doing that, you just proved my point.

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