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There are certain things that can almost make you believe that you are an adult, or that you're adulting 'correctly'. One of these is to look the part, or to make people believe you know what you're doing, which is hard but not impossible. And then the miracle happens, and you actually do something that's proper adult without even realising it.

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adulting signs

You may have experienced your first paycheck, or pocket money in exchange for some babysitting or tutoring. No one can deny that is a great feeling, not just for the foreseeable shopping spree, but for the whole 'being responsible and taking care of yourself' thing. On the same level we have driving and voting, as the first adult things that we are finally allowed to do that involve not only our own life, but other people's too. But that's all metaphysical stuff. The real deal is anything related to your first car.

Anything really. Especially the boring non-drive related stuff!

Road tax, insurance, maintenance, change the oil, check the tyres, refill the water thing, and remember the other thing, the thing next to the thing that does the thing. A whole lot of things that you suddenly have to be aware of.

I am clearly nailing it.

For some people, adulting means taking care of your place, from the basic tidying up your room, to the choice of a new set of dining plates. At home there is an endless list of tools that have always been around, or sort of magically appeared, without you noticing. As an adult, you will be responsible of such wizardry. If a new pack of napkins appears, it will be because of you. Not to mention the life-changing process of buying your own house and turning it into your home. I am personally not there yetI am at the phase 'home is where your make-up brushes are'.

Also, you know something has changed inside you when you wake up on a sunny and windy morning and think: this is a great day for laundry! True story.

One may think that, as long as the tingly adulting sensation lasts, you are still an adult in the making. Once the feeling stops and all these activities become routine, or 'auto-pilot' situations, then you may have reached your destination.

Image: thanks to Martina

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