When you commit to a matte lipstick

I am the kind of girl that could never spend thousands of dollars on a designer bag. Not for the amount of money itself, which I find ridiculously high anyway, but because I believe I won't be able to fully commit to it. Let's be honest, I can barely commit to a week worth of nail polish colour

matte lipstick commitment

This morning I came to understand the meaning of the word 'commitment' on a whole new level. Deeper than a mere definition that reads: 
1. An engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action.
2. The state of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.
3. Sticking with something long after the mood you have said it in has left you.

Enough with the boring stuff. Just kidding, it's not boring and I even spared you two correct ways to write it phonetically! You can thank me in the comments.

As you know, before eight o'clock I am not a fully functioning human being. For example, I would make tea and forget to drink it, also I am not able to articulate a full sentence, but I give myself credit for never poking myself in the eye with a mascara wand. 

I know, it takes skills. 

The meaning of commitment became clear in the moment of applying matte lipstick or lipgloss. On a side note, am I the only one that is waiting for some brand to come up with a different word for matte lipgloss? This particular oxymoron is rather irritating. Anyway, applying such product requires the same amount of concentration as applying eyeliner! With the only difference that matte lipsticks are impossible to wipe away once they're on, if you've ever tried using micellar water on your matte lips you'd know the struggle. 

I tried. Didn't end well. 

Seriously, don't do it. 

And being lipstick the last thing you put on your fully made-up face, you have to be extra careful if you don't want to erase half of your masterpiece! Also you probably don't want to be late, but it doesn't matter. So, what's the only reasonable thing to do? If your answer is something along the line of 'avoiding such gimmicky products', I have to ask you to reconsider where you are and who you are reading. It doesn't matter if the lipstick is nude, or in my case corpse tone, or black, you just have to commit to it with the same attitude of Shia Labeouf telling you to 'just do it'! In fact, if you over line your lips you can only roll with it and act as if you totally planned it.

It can happen to anyone, even if you're not into the Kylie Jenner look, even if you just slipped the wand half a millimeter, even if you weren't in the mood for anything dramatic, even if the colour is forgiving. You are now fully committed to the new dimension of your lips. When it comes to eyeliner mishaps you can quickly fix the wing to make it look symmetrical to the other eye, you know, the good one. Boy, don't you wish it was that easy with matte lipstick? You see, with eyeliner it's not commitment, but compromise and balance. Whereas with matte lipstick you willingly restrict your freedom of creativity and deny the impermanence of make-up. 

You know what they say: once you go matte black, you can never go back. 

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