There is no filter for real excitement

I always wonder how life would be if I were daintier, nicer, more graceful. The kind of girl whose eyes sparkle, who cries pretty, and who looks pleasantly surprised when she inadvertently accesses the front camera. Wouldn't we all?! The bronzed body and beachy waves kind of girl. The #Iwokeuplikethis creature that, when happy, looks like she's hugged by angelical choirs.


What prompted me to explore this level of supernatural was Snapchat. As I started following more beauty vloggers I noticed their daily hauls and unboxing videos were somehow completely different than mine. Their way to show excitement for the latest obsessions looks and sounds, well, professional. As opposed to me, because, when showing my four Snapchat friends my latest beauty purchase, all I can say is hnnggghghgh.

hnnggghghgh. I am not even kidding.

When the other girls talk about their favourite things they look like they're lit by celestial light, they can articulate profound thoughts while using a wide range of synonyms and adjectives. Me? I sit there going all 'my precioussss' with my latest obsession. And that's a problem, given that I can never record something perfectly on the first go and I have to watch my Gollum style unboxing twice. Then I need to re-record it and re-watch it. Let's say the app surely is not making me forget this aspect of my excitement that I like to call 'derpiness'.

I got so used to looking like Jabba the Hutt on my front camera, aka the worm looking creature from Star Wars,  that I made peace with my double chin. Also, I can't possibly be the only one that, when excited, turns into Gollum. Creepy eyes and singing included.

Also I do talk to some of my favourite things as if they were alive. Don't judge me.

That got me thinking, if I had a Youtube channel and I was recording my favourites of the month, the whole video would sound like someone is dying in the background because hnnggghghgh! Wouldn't that be aesthetically pleasing?

Now you know why I have a blog instead.

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