You are doing a great job at living!

I had a dream, that the importance of my daily actions will not be judged by the impact they have on the World but by the effort I put in them. If you've been here long enough or, to be honest, just since last week, you will know that I tend to compare everything to 'when I was in school'. I know, I do that a lot and, guess what? I am about to do it again. Brace yourself.

good job at life

When I was in school, grades and exams gave me a path to follow, and it was easy to know when I was on the right track and when I wasn't. Action: you study well - Result: you get good grades. But in the 'Real World' there is no one that tells you when you've done good. When I say 'Real World' I mean a situation that involves making your own decisions and dealing with unfamiliar social constructions that are typical of adulthood. In fact, the tax people (?) don't ring you to say that your taxes look good this year. Your manager doesn't tell you you're doing a good job for coming to work on time everyday. Even the cashier at the supermarket doesn't high five you for buying salad. I wish bartenders offered me shots just because I showered that day. I mean, Oprah gave cars to her audience just for being there, she totally gets my point.

Sometimes it feels good to know you're doing a good job at living. Especially since this 'Real World' thing is affecting us all, and we are learning as we go. Let's take a step back again, I have been through some very intense Goth phase back in the day, and I not only wanted to look the part, I wanted to feel that way. What way? Alone, selfish, stubborn, angry, etcetera. Now I can assure you that mindset is the worst for when you are adulting. If you somehow made it through adolescence, give yourself a pat on the shoulder, and move on. But keep the look because it's awesome. In the 'Real World' you need a network, no man is an island. Also I've learned there is nothing wrong in asking for help, reassurance or, why not, a real life thumbs up.

That's why I am writing this post, to tell you: Well done! If you drunk water instead of soda during the weekend. And to whoever walked down the stairs with high heels, you go girl! Chest bump if you took out the trash today! Someone needed a tampon and you were prepared with spare ones? Here's a smiley face with a crown! Bro fist if you shaved! High five if you tied your necktie correctly in one go, and Low five if you are wearing matching socks! Now that I think about it, the only people that do acknowledge the effort put in simple things are personal trainers. But only at the gym. We need more life trainers that motivate us to behave like real people everyday. Let's not think about the fact that they exist and are called life coaches and do it for money.

So, if you read until here, you get a sticker! For free!

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