Why do we write blogs?

If only we could do humanity as much good with our blogs as our predecessors did with books. If Proust wasn't busy eating Madelines born in the XIX Century he would have totally written something like this. But in all seriousness, he used that sentence to talk about his writing, so it's not that far off. 

why write blog

So, other than doing humanity a great favour with our typing, why do we write blogs? 

  • For social success

There is an increasing number of popular bloggers that are now celebrities, or 'influencers' since what they mostly do is influencing people to follow certain trends. Sometimes I wonder, have all these happy people forgotten what life is like? Of course not. What I tend to leave out of the Instagrammable picture is that they are normal people and the road to popularity is not as easy as it seems. Everyone goes through tough times, and beauty is supposed to be a reminder that life is not all bad.

  • To stop feeling lonely

Isn't everyone's dream to fuse our life with a person who understands every part of us? The chance to meet like-minded people on the internet is exponentially higher than in the 'outernet'. Although you may argue that some kind of connections are superficial, and it takes dedication before claiming to have not followers, but friends, there is a thin line between being openly writing about feelings, and turning back time to emo/Myspace era. I like to believe that life naturally has loneliness, confusion, and desires, therefore there is no need to give in this forced optimism. Just be balanced.

  • For creative purposes

Art in all its forms is the opposite of habit. Unless, of course, you built your life and career on creativity, then you're a phenomenal well of ideas. Proust, same guy I mentioned in the intro, wrote that it's actually adulthood that dulls our senses and makes us stop appreciating work or friends or nature. And we all know the struggle with adulting is real. I want blogs that could make you, literally, stop and smell the roses. Not simply because something looks good written in rose gold on a marble background, but because there is a different point of view to be discovered. Media might tell us what's glamorous on screen, but it's creativity that shows us what is valuable in everyone's life.

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Image: thanks to Martina

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