The finance thing - Adulting Mythbusters

If I had to define adults, as general entities, I would say they would likely have their shit together. Which not only includes the whole 'being responsible' thing, but also the 'finance' thing.

adulting finance

Bills, investments, mortgage, budget, superannuation, taxes, credit, income, interests, et cetera. Some of you might think I am being obvious by listing very common things, others might have skipped the whole sentence. I would have skipped it too, if I didn't write it. It works just like with subjects at school: you have the literature nerds and the math geeks. Excelling in both at the same time is hard, not impossible, but hard. I was clearly with the liberal arts crowd and even now I get a bit lost when I have to deal with the application of numbers to reality. The concept of a tax threshold is a mystery and stock market is pure sci-fi. But these things really do exist and are understood by many adults!

I have always used the terms 'finance' and 'economics' very loosely. And by 'always used' I mean I have never used them in my life, just to be sure. But it appears that there are some precise definitions to be taken into account since both are sciences. Which is ironic because I know more about frog reproduction than money. Anyway, to look like you are adulting you should use 'finance' when you intend to talk about actual management of funds. 'Economics' is management of goods and services and production/consumption. The more you know.

I am keen on thinking that finance applied to everyday life and real things, as real as your house and job, is too often underestimated in school. Why couldn't finance be taught along with sex education to replace once and for all birds, bees, and tooth fairies? Luckily, Pinterest is only a click away from us almost-adults in distress, you wouldn't believe how much aesthetically pleasing organizers can simplify personal finance! Because who needs an app when you can get more stationery for adulting purposes?

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