Will this matter in two years?

I was probably watching some talk show with a celebrity guest, or reading an interview, I can't really remember, but what I do remember is this quote: "So I ask myself, will this matter in five years?". I spent the last month trying to go back to that interview without success, and today I had the genius idea to look it up online. I must say, I keep underestimating the power of search engines, because not only I found the quote, but it's actually a 'motivational quote', despite who said it.

will this matter

The thing is that this 'five year rule' is always seen from a 'keep calm and be grateful for what you have' perspective. Which is all cool and useful if you are into that. Me, on the other hand, not so keen on this interpretation. I'd rather turn it into "Will it matter in two years? Then do it!". Thankfully I am able to choose my way and make my own decisions about daily things, and life changes. But I am at that point in life where I don't really know what's my path. Even the most raved about 'vision board' technique is not really working for me, as my ideal future is a bit of a blur, and not in a 'beautifying filter' way. Plus, every time I open Pinterest with the intent to create a vision board I get lost in the pretty things and my most recent 'Glitter' and 'Alice in Wonderland' boards are a clear indicator of that. So, to keep things as abstract as possible, I fell on 'Will it matter in two years?', because it allows me to take things slowly and be vague, unlike a two-year plan! Also it gives me a perspective and indicates how much energy I should put into things. 'Will it matter in two years?' If the answer is yes 'Then do it!'. 

I figured that two years is a good time frame. Unlike five years, things can change pretty easily in two, without severe repercussions on your life (with the debit exceptions), and you can still take two years as a trial period, an experiment, or simply an experience. Previously, I mentioned the infamous two-year plan, I have to admit I am guilty of trying to plan ahead two years of my life with very, and I mean VERY, poor results. When I graduated from university and took that summer off to travel and be jolly, I decided I had the moral obligation to give myself two years to take on any job available and do the most random things just to find my path by the end of said period of time. And that was a pretty broad two-year plan, I can't imagine how people do a detailed one. Maybe it's easier when you are more driven and decisive. 

I was doing the math in my head while typing this and it just occurred to me that the deadline is only a few months away! And here I am, still sort of doing random things, waiting to know what my ideal job looks like, so that I could finally pin it onto a vision board. 

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