Be the kind of friend that tells me if I have lipstick on my teeth

I am sure there is someone else, out there, that is going through my same situation. A couple of years ago, as I started caring more and more about eyebrows, my attention towards lipsticks decreased. Maybe all this 90's vibe and beige, pardon: 'nude' colours  simply took away the focus from lips. The point is that the infamous Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge didn't even cross my mind. Eyebrows on fleek though are all the rave. They're bang on trend. Amazeballs. And other hip expressions I don't need to add for you to know that I'm cool.

lipstick on teeth

What implications does this situation have on a person's everyday life? For example, when I moved to Australia I brought with me just a handful of lipsticks and I haven't even used all of them yet! and about two hundred eyebrow products between pencils, gels, powders, mascaras, and so on. I can tell some of you are nodding because you know what I'm talking about! Instead of a different lipstick for every occasion and mood, we have a specific eyebrow product for any situation.

I own one nude lipstick. One. I bought it when I was in Italy and booked a make-over at MAC for the release of one of their collections. That's my Horrible MAC Counter story. The girl who did my make-up saw me wearing my cherry print 50's style skirt and decided to place electric blue all over my lid and add lime green/yellow up to my eyebrow. As much as I enjoy a pop of colour on my eyelids, I took my discount and bought said nude lipstick. Despite all this, every time I go to MAC I always try on, brace yourself!, a dark lip colour. I still can't decide if I like myself with such dark lips or not. The process is taking me a long time, considering that in the meantime I bought two dark red lippies (in my defence, one is matte) and a black matte lipgloss thing. Because extremes.

I love dark lipstick but not so much when the cold weather turns my cheeks bright red and there's too much going on on my face, neither when it's so hot my lip gloss is literally melting and dripping on my chin. Also boo to all those bars where they don't give you a straw even when you clearly spent twenty minutes overlining your lips and managed to make them look believable. Given all these conditions for the use of dark coloured lip products, you, as my friends, are morally bound to let me know with discrete hand signals or strategic coughing if I have lipstick on my teeth. Thank you in advance.

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