The ultimate all-in-one miracle glow perfector

When offered the ultimate all-in-one make-up product there are two things we should consider. First, how many products would achieve the same result combined; the second would be the pleasure of buying multiple items and see them lined up on our "battle-station". Nonetheless I know it's hard to resist anything with 'miracle glow' written in rose gold on a sleek packaging.

beauty miracle glow

I was watching yet another miracle all-in-one bb foundation review. Which, by the way, is one of my favourite things to do in the morning when I need to ease into language and social interaction slowly. Anyway, this time it wasn't just a random high end foundation I could only dream having, the product reviewed was actually on my 'to swatch in store' list. Long story short? Thankfully the review was pretty bad and saved me some dollars.

This funny anecdote got me thinking about ultimate make-up products, the revolutionary ones, the ones that will make you throw away half of your stack. To be honest, it doesn't sound appealing to me! It took me a long time, deep research, and a lot of money to build my make-up collection. I know the best concealer to use when it's raining, the best powder for picture time, what brush works best with a specific foundation, and so on. It seems to me that many make-up brands are trying to make things 'easier' for us customers by creating multi purpose products: BB creams to start off, hydrating lipsticks, highlighting bronzers, serum and moisturising cream concoctions, and now also your-skin-but-better instagram perfect foundation.

Why would I give up the pleasure of watching new collection reviews? Or of having my endless list of products to check out in store, and, most importantly, of having a respectable make-up collection? I already have two BB creams and three possibly five foundations, and I don't even use foundation! 

There, I said it. 

My go-to routine includes four dots of concealer and blush, but every now and then I let beauty gurus talk me into the foundation madness: just a thin layer for glowy and dewy and awesome-y skin. For the record, the ideal 'just foundation' routine never works. By now everyone knows that foundation is great but you will most likely need to conceal critical areas and powder, then contour and highlight. It's never one layer, never mind one product!

So the myth of the all-in-one foundation really is just a myth. But sell it with a pretty packaging and the use the word 'miracle', or 'radiance', or 'perfect' and, rest assured,  us make-up junkies will be all over it. Or, at least, all over video reviews and swatches! 

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