What girls think while not wearing any make-up

We can safely say there are two kinds of people: those who are confident without make-up, and those who feel better wearing it. Me? Torn between the knowledge that my face looks just fine, and the desire to look 'better'. Because that's what make-up does, apparently.

going without make-up

I know I stated that I would not wear make-up as often, as a resolution for this year. Now I can proudly say that I go to the gym daily wearing nothing but my natural rosy cheeks on my face. And it's fine because I don't really know anyone in the area, and I surely don't need to impress the old bus driver. I don't even need to look my age because my gym attire doesn't scream adult either. This sounds all good and reasonable yet in my head I don't feel confident.

I came to the conclusion that I feel fine bare faced as long as people around me are complete strangers that have no idea I have a different style.  But ask me to go shopping after the gym, or to have a bite with a friend, and everything collapses. I feel like I am not able to do that out of respect for other people, because I know I can look 'more decent' with a touch of mascara. Like I didn't even make an effort to look 'nice r'. I know, I'm horrible for thinking this, especially since it's myself I am talking about! I am very well aware that I am more than just my face.

This is pretty much a list of thoughts that goes through my head on a daily basis:

My face feels so soft after using that night cream 
*still touching my face* 
Seriously this is amazing, what brand was that? 
I love this morning light Hashtag nofilter! Hashtag Iwokeuplikethis! 
I won't even bother putting on make-up just to sweat it off at the gym 
Thank god I am not the only make-up less here 
I will try to avoid eye-contact with people anyway 
Have I had this rebel lock pointing upwards this whole time? It's ok, I am just at the gym, it's normal to look flushed 
I am so sweaty 
Yes, I am carrying an Adventure Time backpack, move along kids 
Seriously, she's in high school and she looks like that? At noon? 
Is that a Kat Von D lipstick?? I know that shade... 
Please don't stare at me, I usually look better, I swear 
Maybe I should be proud to be able to go out bare faced 
Let's take a Snapchat video for my friends 
Oh God is that what I look like? Better record it again without the other camera 
A sale? I should totally go to that shop 
But first, let me colour correct my face 
Now I totally have to go in with that new foundation 
Hmm, not bad, it looks like I have nothing on my face 
Let me just powder my T zone a little 
Add mascara, and lip gloss 
Much better 
*removing make-up before bed* 
Ew! Did I really put on all this crap on my face? 
I didn't even talk to anyone in the shop, I could have gone without make-up... 
I swear I won't wear make-up for the rest of the week! 
Friends want me to come over for a movie? Cool! 
Let me just put some concealer under my eyes...

All characters and event in this story are real and based on true events. And if you want to know what happens in my head when I decide to wear last year's shorts and they don't fit, read here.

Image: thanks to Martina

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