Do you think you need to 'fit in' the real world?

The whole 'it's not a phase, it's who I really am!' situation has its place in time. The bright side is that, when you are wearing a suit, your background is well covered and you can finally sit wherever you want in the cafeteria.

need to fit in

Remember when I told you about that time when I was convinced I had to fit completely, body and soul, under a label, in order to be myself? And we all know how that turned out! Just look at my wardrobe, half black half pastel because, as I eventually figured out, it's okay to be a whole set of things

Once you exit the scheduled hug of compulsory education and enter the real world, which by the way it's a very broad concept but it's not today's topic, you realise how 'fitting into a category' doesn't apply anymore. In high school I strove to look the part: I wanted to be goth, and everybody was to acknowledge that. It was a lifestyle, a hobby, and my duty all at once. It was a never ending journey to become like the models on Deviantart. They looked the part, unlike me with my DIY fishnet finger-less gloves. That's what I used to think as I applied more purple eye-shadow to my face. 

I was such a rebel, wasn't I?

Don't get me wrong, experimenting with subcultures, striving to fit in, finding your own identity, the whole 'it's not a phase, it's who I really am' situation, all of it has its natural place in time. And it all seem to vanish when other things become priority in life. First of all, when you learn that you don't have to fit in anymore, because the good friends you have left accept you no matter what. Also you stop caring about what others say: you don't owe them an explanation for your fashion choices or hobbies, and they wouldn't care anyway. Third: your job.

Once you are wearing a uniform or a not-so-metaphorical suit, it doesn't matter your background, your interests, nor your personal style. We are all equal, and you really don't know where to sit as you enter the coffee room in your department. You will eventually talk to all kinds of people, with the most unexpected background and values. You will find yourself joking with girls who would have totally been unreachable cheerleaders, and with altar boys at the same time. And you know what? It's actually quite funny! I personally feel like I'm some sort of spy with a hidden past, an Italian Black Widow with less perfect hair. Even though one time I came out with a Harry Potter reference and that sort of gave me away. 

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