A good reason to take on a new perspective

Everyone knows that in the Southern hemisphere seasons are opposite compared to the Northern one. It's summer when it's winter and it's winter when it's summer. That is very easy in theory, but I'm finding it pretty hard to grasp at times.

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Statistically our favourite season is the one where we celebrate your birthday in. That means we are always looking forward to that special day as soon as the right time of the year comes. My birthday is in October, and until this year I could say that I've spent it abroad 3 times (that's why I officially consider myself 3 years younger than the age on my passport) but it was still October as I've always known it. Weather getting colder but not scarf-cold. Which is the exact temperature here, in Melbourne, in May. Do you see the catch now? 

Last winter, which is summer in my head because 'June', I kept looking up above the city streets expecting to see Christmas decorations, because it was cold and cold means winter, directly connected to Christmas. And I didn't see decorations until summer, in December. And it makes very little sense in my head because Santa wears a fur coat and 'white Christmas' and mulled wine and snowflake decorations. My inability to be flexible doesn't mean that I didn't like it. I think it would have been pretty useful if the winters of my youth had been summers. Think of all the New Years' eves spent in other cities where I've risked catching an epic cold, or the hassle of packing super heavy clothes for a short trip during school holiday. At the same time though I wouldn't want a three month summer break with cold temperature and without Christmas! Oh wait... 

Lastly, let me mention the title and what's the good reason to take on a new perspective. This summer in winter and vice versa situation is awesome because it's always the right time for any kind of treat!! Ice cream craving in July? Of course, and also in November. Pumpkin spice latte both in October and in May. Not to mention minced pies and candy canes all year long. I'm a foreigner and some habits are hard to change, sorry not sorry!

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