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Welcome old friends, and new friends, to this much needed series of articles about adulthood, or better: adulting! Because we have many questions about the journey towards adulthood, and the answers are nowhere to be found.

When it comes to adulthood there are so many things that you/we are expected to somehow know, yet school is far from teaching those, and parents usually do them for us, or have already done them and 'back in their day everything was different, easier'. 

As soon as I graduated people started asking 'So, what do you want to do with your life?' and I was like 'Life?? Do I have to decide right now? I don't even know what to do with my graduation gown! Where do I give it back?'. I'm totally kidding, we didn't have graduation gowns. But seriously, Hegel (German philosopher, late XVIII Century) published several books and was promoted to Extraordinary Professor at the age of 35. At my current age, my parents were about to get married, buying a house and getting ready to procreate, precisely like I'm guessing 80% of your parents at your age. Just to put our situation in perspective using some role models.

Should we all start worrying, or should we analyse the situation and consider what we know of adulthood nowadays and whether if we aren't screwing this up as much as we think we are?

I am here to give you some answers, the real deal! Answers such as: Yes - HahahaNo - Not always but it's highly likely to - Don't even think that! - Yes you should - Puppies!  
Want to find out what questions these belong to? Stay tuned for Adulting Myth Busters -Episode 1: People who have their shit together.

You can find all the episodes clicking right here.

Image: by Martina

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