Why you should read more quality blogs

After having tackled how to read a blog, here I am talking to you about why you should read blogs. Speaking for myself, not reading blogs is not an option, and I'm guessing since you are here neither is for you.

read quality blogs

Some blogs are meant to be watched because of the high quality pictures, interesting objects, swatches, and so on. 'Watched', not properly read. I learnt this the hard way, when clicking on a pretty preview image with a captivating title I would find the same concept written over and over, and not only in that one post, but in multiple ones across the same blog. Of course, to start your day the right way, you should wash your face and read your organizer to be prepared for what is ahead. Do I need fourteen million blogs to tell me that? What about the best way to start off on Monday? Come on, take a wild guess. This, let's be honest, it's aesthetically pleasing and a bit useless. Unless you write your appointments on the palm of your hands and never let them touch water, which is a ridiculous option.

Let's take a step back and think about writing. To write is to express thoughts, not only shades of beige (note I said 'not only', beauty product reviews are incredibly useful for a number of reasons!). I have a romantic idea of writing, I know, just like Virginia Wolf I believe in the work of a writer we can rediscover our own neglected thoughts. The most famous novel characters have Shakespeare or JK Rowling to speak for them. What about us? Luckily the same authors use their skills to convey thoughts and feelings we didn't know we had.

The charm of modern blogging is that is not built to last but to pass. Virginia Wolf totally said this in relation to 'modern London' but I find it fits perfectly what I think of blogging. In her opinion we should write and use language to describe who we are as a whole. This may be disagreed upon by the 'niche warriors', and it's okay! We need all the niches we can, but as a creative writer you are not just that. 

Let me, once again, borrow Virginia Wolf's words in saying you should find your own perspective and appreciate your fascinating and fluid thoughts. The important thing is to focus on how you feel on the inside, on how we feel ourselves and perceive others. The words you write can and will be read by other people and, like it happens with novels, it's possible to give a voice to thoughts otherwise unheard.

Image: thanks to Martina

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