Why apologise for not wearing make-up?

This morning, in front of the mirror, I realised how much time I spend drawing and blending lines on my face that I won't be able to see until it's time to remove them. Or when I catch a glimpse of my own reflection in shop windows, because I am one of those girls. So, all that time spent putting a face on my face has an obvious downside, which is when people eventually see me without make-up.

apologise natural face

Usually it takes me about twenty minutes to apply makeup every morning, longer if I'm getting ready for a special occasion or if I sneeze right after having applied mascara. Adding up all those sessions in a very scientific way we get an unreasonable amount of hours, basically enough time to learn how to speak three dead languages. I could be the next Indiana Jones, translating maps and finding lost treasures any other day. Probably not.

My everyday make-up routine includes concealer, blush, mascara, and a quick comb through my eyebrows. Which is not a lot compared to the 'beauty gurus' on Youtube, but definitely more than real 'soap and water' kind of people. What would happen if I stopped this time consuming routine for a week? Most likely nothing. Maybe I would even get a little bit more sleep and look less like a zombie when I get to work. Who am I kidding. I would totally look like a tired rosy cheeked mountain girl.

I just keep thinking 'why do guys look good even without make-up and girls don't?'. As a matter of fact: girls totally do, too. It's society telling us we don't. After a sleepover I tend not to put on make-up just for breakfast and the ride home. Also I tend to apologise to people around me in that circumstance. Why do I do that? What am I apologising for? My natural face? Or the desolation of Smaug of the belief that I don't look flawlessly strobed as soon as I wake up? Surely my eyes would look contoured but in the wrong places. See? I'm doing it again, dark circles aren't supposed to be a 'wrong place', it's a normal place. Sorry, not sorry.

I'm gonna do it! I will lock my concealers away for seven days and see what happens.

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