When did make-up stop being creative?

This week we're talking about make-up artistry, and how anywhere like in the beauty field 'art' is not synonym of 'creativity'. When did applying make-up stop being a fun game and become a skill that only a few could master? Is there a creativity deadly sin in beauty?

creative make-up

Make-up art in the past years has changed so drastically I can hardly keep up with it. Make-over was a luxury until make-under became a necessity. And in the midst of natural beauty and gorgeous flaws we unlocked the next level: contouring. But since everything is allowed in war and make-up, we became strobed disco-balls. I won't bring up the 'natural beauty' trend again, you've all heard too much about it. Although you have to admit it seems the less time consuming style compared to the skilled process of creating another face on top of your face. Because having a 3d face is not realistic enough. 

Please, don't think I am against 'fake beauty'! I enjoy watching contouring tutorials to the point where I would stream them as a morning soundtrack while getting ready. It's fascinating! Some of those make-up artists have great skills, it's undeniable. That's probably why it's an art.

I have strongly considered make-up the most colourful and liberating kind of creativity for more than half of my life. One of my first 'palettes' when they were still called 'trousse' in Europe was shaped like a shell and contained four glittery lipglosses on the top tier, and two of the most bright, compact, inexplicable colours on Earth on the bottom tier: a neon lime yellow and a teal shade. 

I loved it! 

I wore both colours at the same time during special occasions. I still don't know what 'special occasions' a 12 year-old could have but, yeah. 
When did make-up stop being a game and became an art that only a few could master? Why did we stop playing with it and have fun, painting our faces with colours we liked just because. Where is the Picasso of make-up art? And I'm not talking about crazy runway looks. It's time to ask ourselves: When did we start wearing 'the right' make-up because 'we had to'? Or worse, because we felt 'we needed it'?

I think the answer for me would be when I saw my classmates wearing black eyeliner on their lower lash line to look older and decided to copy them. My one deadly sin. You already know about my 'Serenity' blue blush campaign. Let's show unusual blushers some love!

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