Life is about zooming-out

I have recently attended social situations (i.e. Christmas with the boyfriend's family) where I found myself almost apologising for being European. Our strange tradition of kissing cheeks while greeting someone is apparently very exotic everywhere else in the World. Exotic and awkward at times. 

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It feels quite strange saying that I'm European, as I have never in my life needed to give such information because, duh, I've lived in Europe my whole life.

Everything was easier and closer when we were kids. Moving to a different school was a huge deal and that was only one bus ride away from my hometown. At university I was known as 'the strange girl from the North of Italy' and no, I don't speak German. Only now I realize I count my years in countries, not sunrises. If it's where you lived that defines you, I should have a multiple personality disorder. As opposed to those who feel at home exactly where they are born and can be defined by things such as their family tree, job, friends, or achievements.

I have a tradition: every time I travel to another continent I bring back a magnet for a dear hometown friend. She is collecting them on her fridge to show her children (Spoiler alert!) how big the World is. That the skyline doesn't end on top of our mountains and that there is so much sky to see all around. I wish they will know me as auntie-Barbs 'the one who travels'. Because, yes, I do travel but I am not the backpack-and-go kind of traveller. To be honest, I am not fond of the unsettlement feeling that comes with wandering. Also, if you've been hanging out here long enough, you will know there is that packing issue.

My whole life I've been zooming out from my hometown. Just like on a familiar map, when you zoom out you might not be able to see the roof of your family house anymore, nor the bus stop in front of your school. You see much further: many more things and people can fit in your horizon, and the location is just a detail.

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