3 ultimate resolutions for 2016

While I'm still in this New Year Resolutions mood, also known as 'Don't let your dreams be dreams just-do-it' mood, I will hereby state that this year I will be diligent and check every point of my list as follows.


  • wear dark lipsticks more often
  • walk on heels at least once a week
  • avoid using make-up every day
If you think these are not real resolutions, I must say you are very observant. They are more like things I should do or try at least once in my life and January 2016 seems like a good time to start. You know, being all positive and goal oriented and this year will be different, I will be prepared to walk on heels at weddings.

Do you remember that wedding episode where I wore heels for ten hours, most of which I was sitting at the table drinking anyway, and my feet were in pain for days? First of all, I would like to think it doesn't happen only to me. Second, although I am getting slightly better at wearing my chunky last-season heels I want to step up my game. Pun intended.

Also I would like to add that I do not need another dark lipstick, and the boyfriend must can use this against me when I swatch autumnal berry shades, that I absolutely need, on my arm in Sephora. It may seem a contradiction to have such statement right before 'not wanting to wear make-up' but, hey, we have a few hundreds days to go. I'm sure I'll manage to find the time to do both things. 

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