How to read a blog

'How to read a blog'? What nonsense! I know all of you can read blogs, and write some pretty good ones as well! I feel that this little "How to" is necessary especially to organise my own ideas when it comes to the two major blog types I came across recently.

read blog

Some blogs are meant to be watched: Fashion blogs, Deco blogs, DIY blogs, Food Porn Blogs. And fill your eyes with pretty images ready to be liked, pinned and shared, because they really do look amazing. I have to admit I rarely even read the whole article, I just want more pictures! More colours! More symmetry! More flat-lays! And I end up clicking on every page without an order or a meaning. They are like smarties blogs. But white smarties. Did you notice that every re-branding re-vamping and re-newing of blogs to make them "feel more like me" or "follow my style evolution" end up looking minimalistic, clean and monochromatic?

Other blogs are meant to be discovered, layer after layer. Literally! Lots of tags, series started and maybe never ending, more than two colours, pictures that evolve in time and you can almost see the stratification as you click. Sandwich blogs, club sandwich or fancy finger-food if you're lucky. These are the blogs that cannot have those three or four tags up, under the title, easy to click, because it's hard to define in one word what the article is about. These blogs go in chronological order, but not really. As in a collection of short novels, the more you read, the better you know the author and understand his/her style and way of thinking. There are no pictures, at least no Pretty Pictures, because only words can describe what's invisible. It's Lifestyle, but not really.

You see, as much as I enjoy binge watching the first kind of blogs, I enjoy reading and writing the latter. Of course, we can all improve and visions change overtime, I am trying to improve my picture-choosing skills myself. Did you notice? Before you ask, contents will remain half critical and aesthetically focused. No smarties and lots of sandwiches here, trying not to become a lasagna blog! That would be a little bit too messy, wouldn't it?

Image: thanks to Martina

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